What is the Bowflex Max Trainer?

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what is the Bowflex max trainer

And Is It Right For You?

If you’ve been researching elliptical trainers for even a short amount of time, you’ve probably come across this new thing called the Bowflex Max Trainer.

You’ve probably wondered – What is the Bowflex Max Trainer?

This is not a standard elliptical trainer as you’re probably used to – it’s a bit different.

However it does offer you some very impressive benefits over a standard elliptical trainer.

This post will give you a rundown on what you need to know about the Bowflex Max Trainer to see if it’s a good fit for you.


What is the Bowflex Max Trainer?

The Bowflex Max is actually a new type of elliptical-stair climber hybrid machine. It combines the lower body, stair-climbing motion of a stair-stepper with the upper body moving arms bars of an elliptical trainer.


Bowflex max trainer review

Another thing that makes the Max Trainer unique is that there is a specially designed HIIT workout included with each Max Trainer model.

(HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training and it’s all the rage these days as it has been proven to help you burn more calories than a regular workout.).



This HIIT workout is only 14 minutes long. So basically you can get all the calorie burning benefits of a great workout – in only 14 minutes on the Max Trainer.



What Are Your Options?


You currently have 3 different models to choose from. The ultra-affordable Bowflex M3:


bowflex max trainer what is it
Bowflex Max M3



The mid-range, popular Bowflex M6:


Bowflex Max M6



And the premium Bowflex M8:


what is the bowflex max trainer
Bowflex Max M8


Each of these varies by the type of console you get and design features (like upgraded arm bars or premium footpedals). However the basic design is the same between all three of them. They all have the same high-calorie burning design with the 14 minute HIIT workout.

One thing to note however is that with the M6 and M8 you do get more resistance levels – so you have a bit more room to grow with these trainers vs the M3.

These two models also come Max Intelligence-compatible. Max Intelligence is a smart training option which gives you individualized workouts, a library of trainer-led videos and fitness assessments along the way for a more personalized, customized workout. Note that the M3 does not come Max-Intelligence compatible.

Also, there are some design differences on the consoles, you should know. The M3 model has a standard console – but it’s not backlit. There’s also no hand-grip EKG heart rate monitor:


what is the bowflex max trainer
Bowflex M3 Trainer Console


The M6 console on the other hand is backlit and much easier to read. Plus you get the hand grip EKG heart rate monitor on the stationary arm bars:


Bowflex max trainer review
Bowflex M6 Console


And the premium M8 console is a bit larger and backlit as well with upgraded arm bars, and a separate media shelf for your phone or tablet above the console:


Bowflex Max M8 Console


So those are some of the design differences between the different Bowflex Max Trainer consoles.

Which is best?

Well, that also depends on your budget and how much entertainment you really want and need during your workout.


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What Are the Benefits of the Max Trainer?

There are some pretty impressive benefits to these machines. Let’s start with the obvious – you can burn more calories per workout.

In fact, according to Bowflex studies, you can burn up to 2.5 times more calories on the Max trainer than with a standard elliptical, treadmill or stair climber.



Some trial users even burned up to 600 calories in half an hour, which is incredible.

Obviously with this kind of calorie-burning you’re going to see faster weight loss results, which is a big perk for many people.


bowflex max trainer vs proform hiit trainer
Before and After – Bowflex Max Weight Loss


Another benefit is that, because of the design of the Max, you will actually get a more effective upper body workout as well.

So if you’re looking to sculpt and tone your upper body in addition to your lower body, this is a definite plus.

Finally, the Max Trainer is about half the size of a standard elliptical trainer.

So it’s perfect for smaller workout areas like condos or apartments – where you really don’t want to place a massively huge elliptical trainer.


bowflex max review
Bowflex Max Trainer


What are the Space Requirements of the Max?

One of the biggest concerns people have is whether or not they have the space requirements for the fitness equipment they want. The Max Trainer footprint measures about 49 inches L x 30.5 inches W.

So it’s much smaller than a typical elliptical.


bowflex max space requirements


The ceiling height you’ll need (according to the Manufacturer) is about 15 inches above the your height (or the tallest user in your home).

So basically if you’re 6 feet, you’ll need a ceiling height of just slightly more than 7 feet to be comfortable. And an 8 or 9 foot ceiling is perfect for this machine.



How Does it Compare to a Regular Elliptical?

Well, this really depends on the specific model of elliptical you are comparing it to. However overall, the Max Trainer has the up and down stair climbing lower body motion – whereas you’ll get a flat-plane running motion on an elliptical trainer.


Elliptical Trainer

An elliptical trainer will also take up a bit more space and you might get a few more crosstraining options (like incline or backwards movements).

For a full comparison of the elliptical vs Bowflex Max click here.


Bottom Line?

If you’re looking for something beyond a traditional elliptical that will take up less space – and get you faster weight loss results – the Bowflex Max is one of the best machines out there right now.

While you don’t get the standard running motion that an elliptical will give you, you can get a much more effective workout in less time. They’ve even added a new 4 minute workout to get you faster results this year!

And with prices on these trainers starting around $1000 and up, they’re also affordable for a range of different budgets.

Want to learn more?


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what is the bowflex max trainer
Bowflex Max Trainer


elliptical vs bowflex max



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