Vision S7100 Review

Vision S7100HRT Suspension Trainer






Stride Options


Entertainment Options


Fitness Options



  • Wheel-and-Track-Free Suspension Reduces Noise and Friction
  • Pivoting Footplates Keep Body in Neutral Alignment Throughout the Ride
  • Lose up to 27% Body Fat with Sprint 8 HIIT Training Workouts
  • Add Virtual Reality Training with Passport Player
  • Multi-Position Arm Bars


  • Console is Simple and Fairly Basic
  • No Online Tracking

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Vision S7100 Review – Highlights:


The Vision S7100 HRT Suspension Trainer elliptical is a classic and has been around for several years now – pulling in a multitude of “Best Buy” ratings.

Where it really shines?


vision s7100 review elliptical
Vision S7100HRT Elliptical


In the area of proper design ergonomics – which basically means it gives you a more comfortable workout that feels more natural for your feet, hips, back and knees.

The S7100 trainer is built to almost perfectly mimic your own walking or running gait (as closely as an elliptical trainer can), keeping your knees behind your toes throughout the running path to reduce joint stress.

Vision has also recently added on the Sprint 8 interval training – which is a special HIIT training workout designed to help you burn maximum calories in minimum time.

Plus the unique suspension design gets rid of the older track-and-wheel design that you usually find on many ellipticals – giving you a more compact machine overall.


vision s7100 review



Vision S7100 Review – Design Ergonomics

The patented suspension design on this trainer uses a neutral footplate position throughout the entire stride – which gives you proper alignment between the knee and hip joint. It also allows you to have the ideal upright posture at all times.

Why is this important?

Keeping an upright posture removes emphasis from the lower back muscles and places it on the leg muscles (where it should be).

It also means that you’re leaning less on the handlebars (which ultimately results in less calories burned). The pivoting pedals also ensure your feet, ankles, knees and hips also ensure you’re staying in a neutral, more natural alignment throughout the entire motion.



Burn More Calories with Sprint 8 Training

Sprint 8 is a unique HIIT training workout that is built-in to the console on the Vision S7100 elliptical. It’s made to give you the best calorie-burning results in the least amount of time.

In just 20 minutes you’ll do 8 different high-intensity-training intervals. These are designed to maximize fat-burning both during and after your session.


Vision S7100HRT Suspension Trainer Review


In fact according to studies done by Johnson health (the company that owns and manufactures Vision), Sprint 8 users burned up to 27% of their body fat in just 8 weeks without changing their diets – which is impressive.

The best part?

They only did 3 workouts a week. So you can get some impressive results from just 3 twenty-minute workouts a week with Sprint 8 on this elliptical.



Vision S7100 Review – Console 


The blue, backlit LCD console is easy to read with prominent resistance and incline change buttons.  It includes several built-in workouts (including the Sprint 8 program mentioned above) you can start with the push of a button.


Vision S7100 Elliptical Review
Vision S7100HRT Suspension Trainer Console


The incline ranges from 18 – 37% and there are heart rate hand grip sensors available to track your heart rate as you run.

This trainer will also work with a wireless Polar heart rate monitor. And if you get the S7100 elliptical from the Manufacturer, you’ll actually get a FREE wireless heart rate monitor included with your trainer.

A lot of people prefer the wireless monitor as it tends to give you more accurate results – and it’s also a lot more convenient to use.



Vision S7100 Elliptical Trainer Review


Vision S7100 Review – Passport Ready


The Vision S7100HRT suspension trainer also comes Passport Ready. Passport is a system that you buy separately and hook up to your TV.

You then put the elliptical in front of your TV and watch real trails pass you by that also sync with your running speed to give you more of a virtual reality feel. This is not mandatory – just a nice feature to have if you ever want to try it out.

The Passport player is sold separately and comes with 2 preloaded destinations – Northern Italy and the American Southwest.

You can watch a video of how it looks on your TV as you run below:





Vision S7100 HRT Suspension Trainer – More Benefits


The multi-grip handlebars give you several areas to hold onto and thereby work different upper body muscle groups.

Also, since there is no wheel-and-track design out back you have less cleaning to do (and less machinery that can possibly break).

This trainer also has a fairly low step-on height of just 8.5 inches from the floor. While it’s not the lowest step-on height elliptical (for a list of low-step-on height ellipticals see the article on Best Elliptical for Low Ceilings here), it’s still pretty good.

And since it measures just 62″ x 30″ (L x W) it’s also a bit more compact than a traditional elliptical – making it great if you have a smaller workout area like an apartment or condo.


vision s7100 review elliptical


Vision S7100 Review – Any Drawbacks?


While you can’t fault the design or construction on this trainer, the console is a bit outdated.

It’s dual color (vs some of the multi-color units that are coming out from brand like Nordictrack or Bowflex). And there are no speakers and no iPhone jack as you usually get with other ellipticals these days.


vision S7100HRT suspension trainer console


Plus there’s no online tracking option – another feature a lot of other brands have.

You’re really paying for the beautiful ergonomics here – and not really alot of entertainment fluff.



Where to Buy and Save:

You can get the Vision S7100HRT Suspension Trainer direct from the Manufacturer here and get a Free wireless heart rate monitor included with your purchase.

ou can also watch more videos on the unique ergonomic design on this trainer, get the latest specs and measurements.


Click Here To Save on the Vision S7100


vision s7100 review
Vision S7100HRT Elliptical



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  • June 3, 2020 at 2:41 AM

    Do not buy this machine or anything else from this company. Company does not respond. I sent my latest email to them 3 weeks ago about their machine which has been broken down for months. No response. Their customer response is completely non responsive. As in no response, no resolution, zero help, and zero support. Their elliptical machine has been repaired at least 4 times in the last 2 years and has malfunctioned once again. It is a lemon. It needs to be replaced. Yet after numerous emails, the only thing resolved is the serial number they failed to even print on the ID tag. I have paid for their authorized service technician to have every electronic component except the incline motor (resistance motor twice, stride sensor, display board) replaced. The machine does not stride quietly, but clinks and squeaks. I am tremendously disappointed with it but I am even more disappointed with their lack of response! My wife and I are gravely disappointed with their craftsmanship, engineering, and customer service.


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