Schwinn 470 vs Nordictrack SE7i Elliptical – How Do They Compare?

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Trying to choose between the Schwinn 470 vs Nordictrack SE7i Elliptical trainers?

How do they stack up? And which is best for you?

Schwinn 470 Elliptical

These are both super-affordable ellipticals from good brand names. They’ve both been around for several years (with updates) – which is a testament to their popularity (since brands don’t keep models that don’t sell well).

The Schwinn brand tends to be known for making ultra-affordable, starter elliptical trainers. The Schwinn 470 is the premium elliptical in the Schwinn lineup.

Nordictrack is known as more of a mid-range to premium elliptical manufacturer. The Nordictrack SE7i is one of their most affordable rear-drive trainers.


Nordictrack SE7i Elliptical

So how are they different? And which is best for you?

This post will give you a rundown of the main differences between the Schwinn 470 vs Nordictrack SE7i elliptical trainers to help you decide.



Schwinn 470 vs Nordictrack SE7i: Console

The console is where you see one of the biggest differences between these two trainers.

The Schwinn 470 comes with a backlit, dual color, two-window console as you can see here:


Schwinn 470 Console


The Nordictrack SE7i comes with a much more impressive, full-color, HD, touch-screen console as you can see here:


Nordictrack SE7i Console

The color console on the SE7i makes it more enjoyable to see your workout stats with a swipe of your finger. It’s also a larger screen – making it easier to read workout feedback.

Another benefit is that you can connect the console screen to iFIt (Nordictrack’s online streaming service) and run famous world trails or take fitness classes from your home (more on this below).

The Schwinn 470 does have several built-in workouts. Plus it comes with Bluetooth and you can track your stats with other fitness apps like myFitnesspal and Googlefit.

But overall, the Nordictrack SE7i console is larger and more impressive than the Schwinn 470 – which is simpler and smaller.


Nordictrack SE7i Console


Nordictrack SE7i vs Schwinn 470: Folding

The Nordictrack SE7i is known as a spacesaver elliptical. That means it folds up for easy storage.

A lot of people like this option since this makes it easier to store and move. It also makes it easier to clean your workout area.

The Schwinn 470 – while you can move it – does not fold up.


Nordictrack SE7i Trainer


Schwinn 470 or Nordictrack SE7i: Stride

Stride is the furthest distance between the pedals. A lot of people prefer a stride length of 18 up to 20 inches to feel most comfortable during the elliptical running motion.

The Schwinn 470 gives you a generous 20-inch stride.

The Nordictrack SE7i gives you a decent 18-inch stride.

Both strides should be fine for most people. But if you’re over 6 feet you might prefer the slightly longer stride on the Schwinn 470 elliptical.

Schwinn 470 elliptical review

Schwinn 470 or Nordictrack SE7i: Price

As of this writing, the Schwinn 470 comes in a bit more affordable than the SE7i. You can get the Schwinn 470 for around $1099 with Free Shipping direct from the Manufacturer here.

The Nordictrack SE7i comes in a bit higher at around $1299 with Free Shipping direct from the Manufacturer here.

Prices do jump around however – and manufacturers are always experimenting with new deals. So you should check out the manufacturer’s websites above for the most up-to-date prices.



Resistance Levels

Resistance helps you to add in high-intensity calorie burning intervals to your workout.

The Schwinn 470 gives you up to 24 different levels of resistance. The Nordictrack SE7i gives you up to 22 levels of resistance.

It’s not a huge difference, but worth noting.


Schwinn 470 Elliptical


Streaming and Tracking Options

Fitness Equipment these days is all about streaming and giving you a more enjoyable, customized workout experience.

The Nordictrack SE7i uses a streaming program called iFit. You connect with iFit using the wireless in your home.

From there you can run famous world trails, track your workouts over time, set new goals or even take live fitness classes from your home.



Note that there are several versions of iFit – including the free version, individual and family memberships. So you don’t need to have a paid membership to use the SE7i elliptical (you can use the free version which includes some built-in workouts).

The Schwinn 470 doesn’t have this streaming option. However you can track your time, distance and calorie goals with Bluetooth and Googlefit or myFitness pal if you choose.

There are also several built-in workou programs in the Schwinn 470 console that you can try.

But as far as streaming and tracking options, you have more variety with the Nordictrack. If you don’t really care about using fitness apps or streaming programs, this may not matter as much to you.



Bottom Line?

So what’s the bottom line when comparing the Schwinn 470 vs Nordictrack SE7i Elliptical?

Each one has advantages.

The Schwinn 470 has a few more resistance levels and it’s more affordable. Plus it’s a bit simpler overall than the Nordictrack without as many entertainment options – and some people prefer this.

The Nordictrack SE7i has a larger, more impressive console with a lot of options to stream world trail runs or studio fitness classes to your home.

It also folds up for easier storage and cleaning.

So it really comes down to what you’re looking for at the end of the day.

Want to learn more? Check out the links below to get a special offer on either elliptical – and see the full machine specs.


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Nordictrack SE7i Elliptical
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schwinn 470 vs nordictrack se7i



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