Proform Smart Strider 495 CSE Review – A Good Buy For You?

Proform Smart Strider 495 CSE






Stride Options


Entertainment Options


Fitness Options



  • Shock-Assisted Folding To Save You Space
  • Tablet Holder Above the Console
  • Generous 18 Inch Stride
  • iFit Coach Ready
  • 18 Resistance Levels for Challenge
  • iPod Dock with Speakers


  • No Incline
  • iFit Subscription Extra (Optional)
  • Console is Basic

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Proform Smart Strider 495 CSE Review – Highlights:


The Proform 495 CSE elliptical is Proform’s most affordable folding elliptical. It folds up easily and can be stored away in a closet or at the side of your room.


proform smart strider 495 cse elliptical trainer
Proform 495 Elliptical



While it doesn’t have some of the bells and whistles of the more expensive models, it has all the basics including a generous 18-inch stride and 18 levels of resistance.

It’s also very easy to get on and off this model. And for the current low price, it’s a great little starter model if you’re just looking for a compact, folding unit at a great price.

Another plus? The tablet holder above the console.

This makes it easy to attach your tablet and watch your favorite movies or TV shows as you workout. You can also attach the tablet and just surf the net or watch YouTube videos as you run.



proform smart strider 495 cse elliptical review


Proform 495 CSE Elliptical – Console Review:


The console is bright and easy to read – but it is fairly basic. There’s a Round Watts LED Display where you can watch your power output right on the console with bright LED lights.

Based on the display, you can see whether you’re working in the Endurance, Tempo, or Peak zone.

Endurance is ideal for a slow and steady workout and best for those not looking to push themselves too hard.

The Tempo zone puts you in your ideal heart rate based on your weight category for maximum fat-burning. The Peak  zone is where you reach your cardio max.


proform smart strider 495 CSE review


\If you want to try high intensity interval training (great for burning more calories), you just press the Work button to kick it in high gear, then press Recover to slow things down.

The console also shows your time and there are quick resistance-change buttons underneath.

The shelf below the round watts display is great for holding keys or a remote control. You can also use it to hold your iPod or other mp3 device. There’s a connect on the console dash that lets you connect your iPod and listen to your music through the built-in console speakers.



proform smart strider 495 elliptical with ifit


Travel the World with iFit

This elliptical comes with the option to add iFit LIVE (now renamed iFit Coach). iFit coach connects your elliptical to the Internet. From there you can track your workouts and fitness goals online over time.

You can also download unlimited new workouts to your elliptical for extra challenge. The coolest thing however is that you can connect to iFit with your tablet (see pics above) and run real life trails – from Hawaii to Australia. You’ll see real landmarks pass you by in the tablet screen.

You can choose from pre-designed popular world trails or map out a trail to run yourself using the Googlemaps feature. This adds some virtual reality fun to your workouts and can take your fitness to a whole new level.


ifit live



Folds Up For Easy Storage

A lot of people these days don’t have the space to give an entire room to their elliptical trainer. So it’s nice to have an elliptical you can fold up and roll away when you’re done working out.


proform 495 elliptical review


This trainer also comes almost fully assembled in the box. So there’s no spending hours trying to put it together. There’s just a few simple steps that should take about 5 minutes – and you’re up and running. Simple and easy.




Proform Smart Strider495 CSE Elliptical Review – Other Benefits

The 18 different resistance levels can help to add some challenge to your workouts. And the 18 inch stride is fairly generous for a starter machine. It can help you more fully work your lower body muscles and get a more optimal workout.



You can stay in your target heart-rate zone with the stationary hand grip pulse sensors in front of the console.

And if you don’t want to try iFit Coach, you can always use the 18 built-in workouts that come included with the elliptical.



proform folding elliptical review



Proform 495 CSE Elliptical Review –  Any Drawbacks?


While iFit Coach takes you to a whole new level, you should be aware that it’s an online subscription based service so you’ll need an online subscription to try it. However you don’t need iFit to use this trainer – it works just fine without it.

Also, the console is fairly basic and it toggles back and forth to show your stats (there’s no constant display of stats), which can get annoying at times.


proform smart strider 495 cse elliptical review


Another thing to be aware of is that there is no incline on this trainer. This isn’t surprising as a lot of starter machines don’t have incline – but it’s something to know.



Where to Buy and Save:

If you’re looking for a simple, folding elliptical with all the basics – for an excellent price, you’ll probably be very happy with the Proform Smart Strider 495 CSE elliptical. You can get the Proform 495 direct from the Manufacturer and get Free Shipping to your home as well.


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proform smart strider 495 cse elliptical trainer
Proform 495 Folding Elliptical


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