Proform Pro 16.9 Elliptical Review

Proform Pro 16.9 Elliptical






Stride Options


Entertainment Options


Fitness Options



  • Extra-Large, Full-Color, HD, Touch-Screen Console
  • Generous 20 Inch Adjustable Stride
  • Double Wheel-Track Design Reduces Side to Side Rocking
  • Heavy 32 Pound Flywheel Adds Extra Stability
  • iFit Coach Compatible
  • Room To Grow with 26 Resistance Levels
  • Challenge Yourself with 0 - 20 Degree Power Incline
  • Tablet Holder Above the Console


  • iFit Coach is Extra - but Optional

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Proform Pro 16.9 Elliptical Review – Highlights:


The Proform Pro 16.9 elliptical is Proform’s high-end, commercial-grade crosstrainer for this year. It comes with all the bells and whistles you could ever want or need – and some you’ve probably never seen before.


proform pro 16.9 elliptical trainer review
Proform Pro 16.9


The design itself is built to be rock-solid stable with a commercial-gauge solid steel frame and an extra-heavy 32 pound flywheel. A heavier flywheel helps to give you a smoother ride without all the jerky stop-and-starts of cheaper machines. It also helps to anchor the machine for added stability.

You also get the double roller-track design which helps to lessen side-to-side rocking (more on that below).


proform pro 16.9 elliptical review



Proform Pro 16.9 Elliptical Review – Full Color Console:


The console on this elliptical is better than you see in many commercial trainers. It’s one of the largest full color, touch-screen consoles that Proform makes.

This makes it much more enjoyable to watch your iFit scenery or the HD workout videos you get with iFit (more on that below). It’s also just nice to watch your workout stats in full color.


proform 16.9 elliptical with ifit


The console shows your speed, time, distance, calories burned, heart rate, and resistance stats.

The console also comes with a handy tablet holder above the console. It’s adjustable to your viewing angle as well.

proform pro 16.9 elliptical reviewSo you can watch your favorite movies or shows on your tablet as you workout – or just surf the net as you run.

The tablet will not cover the console so you will also see a constant feedback of your workout stats.

The 2-speed fan is a handy way to stay cool. And the iPod dock with speakers can have you working out to your favorite workout tunes.




Go For Virtual Reality Fun with iFit


This elliptical comes iFit-ready. iFit basically connects your elliptical to the Internet. You can track then your workouts over time to see how far you’ve come.

You can also set new goals and even get an unlimited number of new workouts downloaded to your elliptical for extra challenges.


proform pro 16.9 elliptical trainer with ifit



You can also run famous world trails – from Hawaii to Paris. You’ll see real landmarks pass you by in the tablet screen – very cool. It’s the next best thing to being there.

You can choose from pre-designed popular world trails – or map out a trail to run yourself using the Googlemaps feature. This adds some virtual reality fun to your workouts and can take your fitness to a whole new level.




Get the Benefits of A Double Roller-Track Design


One of the problems with front drive elliptical trainers (especially the cheaper models) is that they tend to use one roller (per pedal) on each track behind the pedals.

This can make it easy for the rollers to slip and come off the pedals, rendering your elliptical useless until you get it fixed.


proform 16.9 review


It also causes a bit more side-to-side rocking when you pick up the pace, which can make the trainer feel a bit shaky.

The Proform Pro 16.9 elliptical helps to avoid this by using a double roller track design. This helps the rollers to stay more stable on the tracks with less chance of breaking or coming off the tracks during hard, intense workouts.



Challenge Yourself with Incline

Incline is not the same as resistance. It changes the slope of your elliptical path and helps you to work different sets of muscles. It’s a great way to crosstrain and get more out of your workout.


proform pro 16.9 elliptical trainer
Proform Pro 16.9


You get from 0 to 20 degrees of incline on the Proform Pro 16.9. The incline is power adjustable which means you can change it from your console during your workout without having to get off the trainer to do it.




Proform Pro 16.9 Review  – Customize the Feel of Your Workout

The Pro 16.9 lets you add a bit of customization to your training. The pedals give you 3 different toe-heel angles to choose from. So you can find the most comfortable fit for you.

This also makes it a great choice for multi-user families since everyone can choose the angle that feels best for them.



Proform Pro 16.9 Elliptical Review – Other Benefits

You also get a very generous 20 inch stride on this trainer, which helps you to more fully work your lower body muscles. And the 26 levels of resistance give you a lot of room to grow without topping out at the highest level too quickly.


heart rate monitor

It’s easy to stay in your target heart-rate zone with the stationary hand grip pulse sensors. Or, if you order through the Manufacturer here, you can also get a Free wireless heart rate monitor.

Many people prefer the wireless chest strap because it tends to give you more accurate feedback than the hand sensors.


Proform 16.9 elliptical review



Proform Pro 16.9 Elliptical Review –  Any Drawbacks?


While iFit Coach takes you to a whole new level, you should be aware that it’s an online subscription based service so you’ll need an online subscription to try it. However you don’t need iFit to use this trainer – it works fine without it.



Plus there area already 35 built-in workouts included with the trainer to keep you busy. You can always wait and get iFit when you’re ready. There’s no rush or obligation.



Where to Buy and Save:

While it may be a bit much for the average user, if you’re looking for a commercial-grade elliptical with all the bells and whistles that easily competes with gym trainers, the Proform Pro 16.9 is a great choice.

You can get the sale price direct at the Manufacturer here and get Free Shipping to your home as well.


Click Here To Save on the Proform Pro 16.9 Trainer


proform pro 16.9 elliptical trainer review
Proform Pro 16.9


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