Proform Hybrid Trainer Review

Proform Hybrid Trainer






Stride Options


Entertainment Options


Fitness Options



  • 2 Machines In 1 - Recumbent Bike and Elliptical Trainer
  • iFit Bluetooth Enabled for Online Tracking
  • Adjustable, Cushioned Seat For Comfortable Biking
  • Tablet Holder Above the Console
  • iPod Dock in Console


  • Console is Simple and Fairly Basic
  • Stride Length is a Bit Short for Taller Users
  • iFit Coach Extra

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Proform Hybrid Trainer Review – Highlights:


The Proform Hybrid Trainer is a super-affordable, very popular elliptical-bike combo. You can use it as either a recumbent bike or as an elliptical.


proform hybrid trainer review
Proform Hybrid Elliptical-Bike


It only takes 2 quick adjustments – in the pedals and the console – to change it from a recumbent bike into an elliptical – or vice versa. And unlike some other 2-in-1 elliptical bikes, it’s not hard (or back-breaking) to make these adjustments. You can do it in less than 30 seconds.

So you get two exercise machines in one – for under $500. Pretty good. And a great option for multiple-user families.


proform hybrid Trainer review



Proform Hybrid Trainer Review – Console:

The console on this trainer is fairly basic and simple. It’s pretty small and you really only get the essential feedback on it.

However the console itself is adjustable – so you can find the right viewing angle for you. And it shows your speed, time, distance, and calories burned so you can monitor your training stats.


proform hybrid trainer review


There’s also a sturdy bracket above the console you can use to hold your tablet. This can open up a whole new world of training. You can go online and surf the net as you workout. You can watch movies or TV shows.

You can also connect to iFit and watch real life landmarks pass you by on the different world-famous trails (more on iFit below).


proform hybrid trainer review


The console also includes an iPod dock with speakers. Although not the best speakers Proform uses, they should be fine for most people. You can easily plug in your iPod and listen to your workout mix through the console.




Travel The World With iFit LIVE


The machine comes with built-in Bluetooth/iFit compatibility.  iFit basically connects your machine to the Internet.

From there you can monitor and track your workout progress over time to see how far you’ve come. You can also download new workouts and even run or bike world-famous trails.


proform hybrid trainer review


You’ll need your tablet to get the full effect of iFit. You can connect with your tablet, choose a famous trail – from Hawaii to Paris (or map out your own) and then watch as real landmarks pass you by in the tablet screen. This is a great way to add some virtual reality fun to your workouts.

Not sure about iFit? No problem there are 16 built-in workouts that come with the trainer to challenge you. You can also wait and get iFit when you’re ready. You can learn more about iFit here.


proform hybrid trainer review



The seat is easily adjustable forward and back with extra padding to ensure a comfortable recumbent bike ride. The back is a mesh back – which lets the air flow through to keep you cool as you cycle.

The bike also comes with oversized pedals with built-in traction that you can adjust to fit your frame – again for a more comfortable ride or run.


proform hybrid trainer review




Proform Hybrid Trainer Review – Any Downsides?

While the Proform Hybrid Trainer is a fantastic price – it’s not a commercial machine by any means. The console is simple and bare bones.

The stride is not as long as most ellipticals – only 15 inches. Considering most crosstrainers start around 18 inch strides, this may feel too short for anyone over 6 feet.


proform hybrid trainer review



If you want like the concept of the Proform elliptical bike – but you want a bit more substance, you may want to consider the Proform Hybrid Trainer PRO model – seen below.

This gives you a longer stride of 17 inches, a heavier flywheel for a more stable feel and upgraded, more ergonomic footpedals. And it only runs a couple hundred more.


proform hybrid trainer review
Proform Hybrid Pro


And while there are hand grip sensors to keep track of your heart rate, you don’t get a wireless heart rate monitor with this machine. Still, if you don’t really care about all the bells and whistles (and you don’t want to pay for them either) you may really like the versatility of the Hybrid Pro elliptical bike.



Where to Buy and Save:

While the newer Proform Hybrid Trainer can be hard to find, you can buy it directly from the Manufacturer and get Free Shipping here.


Click Here To Save on the Proform Hybrid Trainer


proform hybrid trainer review
Proform Elliptical Bike Trainer


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