Proform HIIT H7 Review – A Good Choice for You?

Proform HIIT Trainer H7






Stride Options


Entertainment Options


Fitness Options



  • Vertical, Climbing Motion Burns More Calories in Less Time
  • Stream In-Studio Workouts with iFit
  • Run Trails Around the World with iFit
  • Heavy 30-Pound Flywheel Adds Stability
  • Compact - Takes up Less Space Than a Regular Elliptical
  • Full-Color, HD, Console Makes Workouts Come Alive


  • Smaller Console than the H14 Model
  • Not a Traditional Elliptical-style Motion

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Proform HIIT Trainer H7 Review – Highlights:


The Proform H7 HIIT Trainer is a new twist on the traditional elliptical.

Instead of the horizontal running motion of a standard elliptical, the H7 HIIT elliptical is more of a vertical elliptical.


Proform HIIT H7 Review
Proform H7 HIIT Trainer


You get a 10-inch vertical and 5-inch horizontal elliptical path – so it’s kind of like a climbing elliptical.

The benefit to this?

You engage more lower body muscle groups and burn calories faster. Plus this super-intense climbing motion is perfect for high intensity interval training (or HIIT – hence the name).

HIIT training is all the rage these days as it’s been proven to be more effective at burning calories – both during and post-workout – than regular, steady-state workouts.

Some people think the Proform HIIT H7 trainer is just a fancy up-and-down stair-stepper – but it is an actual climbing motion. You can also pedal forward and backwards.

Here’s a quick video to show you the motion:





Proform HIIT H7 Review – The Console:

The console here is a lot of fun. It’s full-color, HD and touch-screen sensitive. It measures 7-inches across, which is a bit smaller than the HIIT H14 model – but still pretty generous.

Using this console, you can connect directly to iFit (Proform’s streaming service) using the wireless in your home.

From there you can stream in-studio workouts or even run trails all over the world for some virtual reality-style fun!


Proform HIIT H7 Console


The console also carries a dual-speed cooling fan as well as a music port with speakers.

So you can connect your iPhone or other devices and play your workout mix through the console speakers if you wish.


Explore the World with iFit

iFit is Proform’s streaming online service and it opens up a whole new world of training possibilities for you.

Can’t get to the gym?



You can stream a new in-studio fitness class to your machine every day. The class instructor can even control your resistance for you as you move through the class (you can override this if you wish).

Plus you can also get to know other iFit users online and even set up a friendly competition.

Have a serious case of wanderlust?

iFit carries thousands of around-the-globe workouts. Stroll the streets of Paris, hike the Swiss mountains or run along the shores of Hawaii.

You can take a guided tour with a coach who leads you through the workout, motivating you and pointing out interesting landmarks along the way.

There are also specifically designed iFit HIIT workouts for this trainer to get you maximum results.


Proform HIIT Workout

Another bonus?

While this machine usually runs around $1499, if you get the HIIT H7 through the Manufacturer, you can get the machine for FREE with a 3-year iFit monthly membership.

So all you pay is the iFit membership every month ($39 a month) and you get the Proform HIIT H7 elliptical for free!

You don’t need iFit to use this trainer. So if in 3 years you decide not to renew your iFit subscription, you can cancel it and keep the HIIT trainer. That’s a pretty great deal.


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Proform H7 Review – More Benefits:

The moving handlebars are curved, giving you several different positions to grasp. So you can work your arms from multiple angles.

Don’t want to work your arms?

There are also stationary handlebars that come with an EKG pulse sensor. So you can rest your arms and get a quick heart rate read, making sure you’re in your target fat-burning zone.

Another bonus to this trainer is that it’s compact.

It takes up less space than a standard elliptical. The footprint on it measures 66.7″L x 29.25″W . So if you have a smaller workout area like a condo or apartment this is a great option.


proform hiit trainer review


Any Drawbacks?

Well, if you’re looking for more of a traditional, flat-running path of an elliptical, this is not the machine for you. This really is a climbing, vertical motion – and you will feel the burn.

Also, while it’s a little thing, the console size on this trainer is a bit smaller than the Proform HIIT H14 model – 7 inches vs 14 inches.



Bottom Line?

If you’re looking for twist on the traditional elliptical trainer, you may like the Proform H7 HIIT elliptical.

It still gives you the low-impact style of a regular elliptical – but with the higher-calorie burning power of a vertical, climbing motion.

It also takes up less space than a regular elliptical machine – making it great for apartments or condos.

Plus, with the iFit streaming workouts and world trails to run, you’ll never run out of new, fun things to do. Overall it checks a lot of boxes if you want a machine that can do more in less time.



Where to Buy and Save:

You can get the Proform H7 HIIT trainer direct from the Manufacturer with Free Shipping here.

You can also read the latest user reviews and get full specs on the H7 before you buy.


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Proform HIIT H7 Review
Proform H7 HIIT Trainer




Proform HIIT H14 Elliptical Trainer – Right for You?


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