Proform 9.9 Elliptical Review

Proform 9.9 Elliptical






Stride Options


Entertainment Options


Fitness Options



  • Heavy 28-Pound Flywheel Adds Stability
  • Generous 21-inch Power-Adjustable Stride
  • iFit Coach Compatible
  • Up to 20 Degrees of Power Incline
  • Free Wireless Heart Rate Monitor
  • Easy, Out-of-Box Assembly
  • Adjustable Footpedals


  • Console is Not as Large As Other Models
  • Tablet Holder Placement Means the Console is Covered
  • Dual-Color Console

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Benefits of the Proform Smart Pro 9.9 Elliptical:


The Proform Smart Pro 9.9 elliptical is the most affordable trainer in Proform’s Smart Pro elliptical series.

These are ellipticals that are built tougher than Proform’s starter models – with heavier flywheels for added stability and commercial-grade, solid-steel construction.

The Proform 9.9 is simpler and more pared-down than the other Smart Pro models – but it’s also super-affordable coming in for hundreds less.


Proform 9.9 elliptical review
Proform 9.9 Elliptical Trainer


You get a front drive design on this trainer – which many people feel is more comfortable and compact than a rear-drive elliptical design.

The Pro 9.9 elliptical also carries an impressive 28-pound flywheel – which is heavier than you usually find on an elliptical at this price point. (A heavier flywheel helps to give you a smoother-feeling ride, especially during resistance transitions.)

Is it the right choice for you?

Here’s a quick review of the main pros and cons of the Proform 9.9 Elliptical trainer:



Proform 9.9 Console


Console Review:

The console on this trainer is smaller than the other Smart Pro models – sitting around 6 inches across. It’s dual color, bright and easy-to-read with a scrolling message window with instructions leading you through your workout.

There’s also a built-in, two-speed console fan to keep you cool and a port with speakers to plug in your phone. So you can play your favorite workout music from your phone or other device through the built-in console speakers.

There’s also a shelf in the middle of the console that can hold your tablet or your phone.

This is important since – if you want to connect to iFit Coach on this machine – you’ll need to connect through your tablet. (You can’t connect through the console as with other Smart Pro models).


proform 9.9 pro incline



Challenge Yourself with Incline

Incline is a popular feature – but you don’t always get it on elliptical trainers. Incline is not the same as resistance – it actually changes the slope of your elliptical running path and helps you to work different sets of muscles. It’s a great way to crosstrain and get more out of your workout.

The Proform Pro 9.9 elliptical gives you from 0 – 20 degrees of power incline. You can change the incline with the controls on your console display.

By changing the incline you also change the stride length of trainer – from 19 – 21 inches. So you can also play around with the stride length to find what feels most comfortable for you.



iFit Coach

Travel the World with iFit Coach

The Proform Smart Pro 9.9 is compatible with iFit Coach. iFit is an online service that you can connect to through your elliptical and tablet.

You can then choose from a library of thousands of different workout videos to watch – everything from guided tours to solo runs.

These videos include runs through exotic world trails – from the villages of Santorini to the shores of Hawaii. You can either run alone – or watch a workout where a personal trainer coaches you through the workout – pointing out landmarks along the way.


nordictrack Commercial 14.9 elliptical
iFit Workout


You can also take a high-energy fitness class right from you elliptical console. iFit has everything from yoga to high-calorie-burning to strength training workouts and more.

iFit Coach will also track your workouts for your and send you new, personalized workouts based on your fitness goals. It’s really a smart-fitness technology you can use as much or as little as you want.

Note that iFit is completely optional – you don’t need it to use this elliptical. It’s just an add-on if you want it.

Also note that you will need to use your own tablet and connect with iFit Coach that way if you want to try it out.


iFit Coach Streaming Workouts



32 Built-in Workouts

Don’t want to try iFit Coach? No problem.

You can still add some challenge to your routine with the 32 built-in workout apps that come with this trainer. They mix it up so you can get a new workout every day.

There are 16 calorie-burning focused workouts and 16 performance-based workouts.



Adjustable Foot Pedals

The elliptical comes with oversized, adjustable pedals. You can choose from 3 different toe-heel angles and find the most optimal angle for your body.

Another comfort feature is the curved, multi-position handlebars. You can grasp the moving arm bars from different positions – to get a more diverse arm workout.



Easy Assembly

Don’t like the thought of spending hours putting your elliptical together? No problem

The Proform 9.9 elliptical comes with easy, out-of-the-box assembly. This basically means that 90% of the assembly is done for you.

You basically take it out of the box and put it together in 3 simple steps. This drastically cuts down the work required to get this trainer up and running.





Any Downsides?

The console on this trainer is slightly smaller than the other Smart Pro models – and it’s only dual color whereas the other models like the Proform Pro 12.9 are full color.

Also, be aware that, because of the placement of the media shelf on this console – your tablet will most likely cover the console screen.

So you may have a problem seeing your workout stats (unless you’re using your tablet to connect to iFit Coach – in which case your stats will appear in the iFit Coach window).



Is It For You?

If you’re looking for a solid, stable, well-constructed elliptical for a fantastic price, the Proform 9.9 elliptical machine is a great option.

It has everything you need for a comfortable workout including the heavy flywheel and strong base with adjustable footpedals and healthy stride.

It doesn’t have some of the bells and whistles of the other Pro models – like the full color console. But it’s also a few hundred dollars less, making it very affordable if you’re on a tight budget but still want a well-constructed machine.


Where to Buy and Save:

You can get the Proform Smart Pro 9.9 elliptical direct from the Manufacturer and even get Free Shipping here. You can also see the latest user reviews, compare it to other models and see the full machine specs before you buy.


Click Here To Save on the Pro 9.9 Elliptical


Proform 9.9 elliptical review
Proform 9.9 Elliptical Trainer




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