Octane Max Trainer Review

Octane Max Trainer MTX






Stride Options


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Fitness Options



  • Commercial Grade Max Trainer
  • Built For Gyms, Circuit Training Classes and High-End Home Gyms
  • Instant Resistance Changes
  • No Adjustments Necessary - Just Get On and Go
  • Burn up to 43% More Calories
  • Multi-Position Handlebars
  • Wind Resistance Ideal for Beginners up to Experienced Athletes


  • Pricey

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Octane MTX Max Trainer Review – Highlights:


The Octane Max Trainer is a commercial grade hybrid elliptical-trainer-stair-climber.

It’s similar to the Bowflex Max Trainer M8 however it’s built more for commercial-grade environments like gyms, healthy clubs or high-end home gyms (the Bowflex Max M8 is really for home gyms only).


octane max trainer review
Octane Max Trainer MTX


With a heavy-duty frame, self-powered operation and minimal maintenance, it’s built to hold up under high-intensity interval training with multiple users.

Like the Bowflex Max Trainer, the Octane MTX gives you stair-climbing motion for your lower body along with the upper body movement  similar to an elliptical trainer.

It’s built solid and heavy – coming in at a whopping 220 pounds – which also helps to make it much more stable than many home trainers.

This machine was basically made to help you burn calories ultra-fast. There’s a 14-minute HIIT workout built into the console you can take – or just jump on and use the machine in steady-state mode.



In fact, this machine is so effective that, according to the Manufacturer, Max Interval users may burn up to 43% more calories than those using a rower, and up to 26% more calories than those using a standing elliptical (both at a self-pace).



Just Get On and Go

One of the cool things about this machine (that also makes it great for the gym environment or circuit training classes) is that you can just get on and go.

You don’t have to press a bunch of console buttons just to get the machine started up. You don’t have to wait for it to power up.


Octane Max Trainer Footpedals


You don’t have to spend time selecting your resistance rate. The machine is ready to go as soon as you get on it and press on the footpedals.

Because the machine uses magnetic and wind resistance, you don’t actually have to waste time programming the resistance at all.

It gives you instant resistance in response to your efforts. (So if you work it harder, the resistance will naturally increase. If you work it more gently, you’ll get a lower resistance).

This kind of progressive intensity makes the trainer great for both beginners and seasoned athletes since the machine will automatically adjust to your fitness level.

And because it instantly responds to your effort, the Max Trainer boosts resistance right away. So you don’t lose valuable time or intensity during timed intervals or circuits. 




HIIT Training Made Easy

The Octane Max Trainer was made with HIIT training in mind. There’s a 14-minute HIIT workout programmed into the machine the guides you through an optimal calorie-burning workout.

You can also use the machine in steady state mode if you want to do your own thing or create your own HIIT workout.



Multi-Position Handlebars

The curved, ergonomic handlebars let you choose multiple positions. So you can work different groups of upper body muscles and really work your chest, back, shoulders and arms.

There are also two static handlebars in front of the console you can grasp if you’re doing more intense lower-body training.


Octane Max Trainer Console

The console is intuitive and well laid out. There’s a handy calorie meter that gives you constant feedback on your calories burned per minute. You can also track you time, floors, pace and total calories burned throughout your workout.



Octane Max Trainer Console



You can also set a calorie goal in steady state or HIIT training mode and instantly see if you’re on track to meeting that goal – making changes along the way to hit your target.

The Octane MTX Max Trainer will also work with a wireless heart rate monitor as well (not included)



Is It Right For You?

If you’re looking for more of a commercial Max Trainer machine – either for a high end home gym or a commercial facility, the Octane Max Trainer is ideal.

It’s built like a tank and made to take a lot of use – and abuse. It’s also perfect for circuit training gyms or HIIT group training classes.

The only downside is that it is a super-heavy machine and at over $3000, the price may be prohibitive for some people. If you don’t really need a “commercial” machine, you might just want to consider the very similar – and much more affordable – Bowflex Max Trainer M8 or the new Bowflex Max Total.



Where to Buy and Save:

You can save about $400 off the Octane Max Trainer MTX here. You can also see more detailed specs and watch a video on how this machine works to see it in action.


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octane max trainer review
Octane Max Trainer MTX




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