Nordictrack Spacesaver SE9i Elliptical Review – How Does It Rate?

Nordictrack Spacesaver SE9i






Stride Options


Entertainment Options


Fitness Options



  • Folds Up Easily To Save Space - Great for Smaller Workout Areas
  • Sturdy Build with Heavy 18 lb Flywheel
  • Full Color, HD Touch-Screen Console
  • iFit Coach Gives You Unlimited New Workouts, Full Color World Runs and More
  • 0 - 10 Degree Power Incline
  • Incline/Resistance Controls On Moving Arm Bars


  • Incline Not as High as Other Models
  • Machine Folds Up Easily - But Can Still Be Heavy To Move

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Nordictrack Spacesaver SE9i Elliptical Review – Highlights:


The Nordictrack SE9i Spacesaver  elliptical is Nordictrack’s premium folding model.

It’s one of the few mid-range elliptical trainers on the market today that actually folds up quickly and easily to save you space.



But unlike a lot of other folding crosstrainers, it also feels stable and steady when you work it. (Because of the limits of a folding elliptical design, you often get folding crosstrainers that feel flimsy and wobbly, especially when you work them.)

The Spacesaver SE9i is built with heavier grade components including an 18 pound flywheel to give you more of a stable, solid feel vs other folding ellipticals.

The elliptical offers the smallest storage footprint of any home elliptical measuring just 32 x 28 inches. You can easily store it away in a corner or a closet.


nordictrack spacesaver se9i elliptical review



Nordictrack Spacesaver SE9i Review – Console Benefits


Nordictrack upgraded the console last year to be even bigger than previous models. You get a 14-inch, full-color, HD touch-screen console.

This makes it much more enjoyable to watch your workout stats in full color – or watch the iFit world trails or HD video workouts as you run (more on iFit below).



You can tilt the console screen to your preferred viewing angle, which is a nice touch.

The console also has a device dock with speakers. Plus, it’s Bluetooth compatible. So you can pair your phone or other device and listen to your favorite workout music as you workout.

And there’s also a cooling fan that adjusts to your intensity so you can stay cool and comfortable when running.




Travel the World with iFit

iFit is Nordictrack’s streaming online service. It can take your training to a whole new level. Set fitness goals – and track your progress over time.

Stream fitness classes to your console – and even take a new fitness class every day. There are thousands of classes to choose from and the trainer can even control your incline or resistance for you as they lead you through the class.

Plus, Nordictrack has now added LIVE classes. So you can follow your favorite trainer in real time, keep up with your friends during class or even text the trainer a question after class.



Not sure you want to take a class? How about exploring famous world trails?

Run everywhere – from the streets of Paris to the shores of Hawaii. Trainers will lead you through the workout, coaching you and pointing out interesting landmarks along the way.

You’ll never run out of new things to try with iFit streaming.


nordictrack c 12.9 with ifit live


The best part?

While iFit is usually a monthly subscription service, if you get the SE9i through the Manufacturer, you can get a full iFit Family Membership incuded with your purchase for a short time.

So you and your family can try it out firstr to see if you like it, which is an amazing deal. (You don’t need iFit to use this trainer, it’s more of an add-on option if you want it).


Click to Get iFit with the SE9i Elliptical




Add More Challenge with Incline

Another way to challenge yourself on this trainer is by using the incline which ranges from 0 – 10 degrees. Incline is not the same as resistance  (resistance makes you work harder and harder to push the pedals down when running).


nordictrack spacesaver se9i elliptical trainer review


Instead, incline changes the slope of your elliptical pathway. This helps you to crosstrain different muscle groups and get a better workout overall

And this incline is power incline – meaning you can change settings from your console instead of having to get off the machine to do it, which is handy.

And you don’t have to reach up to the console to change your incline or resistance – you can do it from the moving arm bars. This is handy since you don’t have to break up your upper body workout to change the settings.



Nordictrack Spacesaver SE9i Elliptical – More Benefits:

You can customize the fit and feel of your elliptical workout even more with the 3-setting adjustable footpedals. You can choose the right toe-heel angle for you and get a more comfortable feel. This also helps to reduce toe numbness after long workouts.


nordictrack spacesaver se9i elliptical review




Nordictrack SE9i Review – Any Drawbacks?

You can try iFIt out for free for a short time. But if you decide you don’t want it, remember to go into your iFit account and cancel your subscription before free period is up to avoid being charged.

(There is a free version of iFit with some built-in workouts that you can also use if you don’t want the full subscription).

Also, while it’s a small thing, for some reason Nordictrack took the EKG heart rate hand grips out of this model. You can still use a wireless monitor to track your heart rate. But some people prefer the hand grips.




Bottom Line?

If you’re looking for a premium folding elliptical you may want to consider the Nordictrack Spacesaver SE9i.

It folds up easily with wheels on the bottom for easy movement and a heavy 18-pound flywheel to anchor the machine in the back.

Plus, you can stream a new workout to your console every day with iFit – or just go running your favorite world trails and enjoy the scenery.

You do sacrifice a bit in terms of incline on this model. But you do get other extras to make up for it like convenient in-handle controls, adjustable footpedals and the extra-large, HD console screen.



Where to Buy and Save:

You can buy the new Nordictrack SE9i Spacesaver direct from the Manufacturer here. You can get the family iFit membership included for a short time as well.

You’ll also see the latest user reviews, get full specs and see more about how it works with iFit.


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