New Elliptical Alert: Bowflex Releases New Max Trainer Total!

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Introducing the Bowflex Max Total


Looking for a commercial-grade Max Trainer?

Bowflex has just released a new model – the Bowflex Max Trainer Total

This is a premium Max Trainer – even more advanced than the Bowflex Max M8 model.


The Main Upgrade?

A large, full-color, touch-screen console.


Bowflex Max Total Console


You not only see your workout stats with the swipe of your finger, but you can also connect to your Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime Video accounts and stream movies or TV shows directly through your console as you workout!

This is a very cool feature that a lot of people want – but few home trainers offer.



Not only that, but you can also connect with Bowflex Max Intelligence through the console and get personalized coaching workouts tailored to your unique fitness level!

Max Intelligence assesses your current fitness level and creates unique workouts specially-designed to help you reach your goals.

As you progress over time, it changes and updates the workouts to keep you improving and reaching new fitness milestones. It’s really the next best thing to having a personal trainer!

Need some video-motivation?

You can also access a library of personal trainer-led workout videos if you want to take a fitness class from your machine.


bowflex max new models
Bowflex Max Intelligence


Or how about travelling the world?

There are 19 different world courses you can choose to follow and watch as the landmarks pass you by in your console screen – for some virtual reality fun.

Max Intelligence is an optional add-service (you don’t need it to use the Max Trainer Total). However, for the rollout of the new Max Trainer Total, Bowflex is currently offering you a Free 12-month subscription to Max Intelligence which is included with the Bowflex Max Total.


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Construction Upgrades:

Bowflex has also added a few new construction upgrades to this model as well.

For example you get a double-track design. This means there are two tracks per pedal – giving you a more stable, smooth feel to the motion. It also adds more support to the machine – making it able to stand up to heavier or more instense workouts.

The handlebars are also upgraded on this trainer – with even more positions than the other models. So you have more ways to train your upper body with the Max Total.


Console on the Bowflex Max Total Trainer
Bowflex Max Total Console

Another upgrade is the new, illuminated resistance dial in front of the console. Instead of scrolling through buttons to increase or decrease your resistance, you just turn the dial.

It’s handy and more convenient – especially for fast resistance changes or circuit-training workouts.



Bottom Line?

Bowflex is one of the top fitness brands for a reason – they listen to what buyers want. And they try to give it to them.

People have been asking me about a more commercial, gym-style Max Trainer on this blog for over a year now. So it’s great to see that Bowflex has listened and come out with one.

Another thing people want?

They want to be able to stream their shows to their console from Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. Bowflex has listened to that as well with this new trainer.

Other benefits you get are the free trial to Max Intelligence and the upgraded arm bars for better upper body workouts. You also have a stronger base with the double-wheel-track design for a more steady, stable motion.

Coming in over $2000, this trainer is not for the budget-conscious. But if you’re looking for a more commercial-grade, premium Bowflex Max Trainer, the Max Total is definitely worth checking out.

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