Max Trainer vs Proform HIIT Comparison – Which is Best for You?

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bowflex max trainer vs proform hiit trainer
Bowflex Max

Trying to decide between the Bowflex Max Trainer vs Proform HIIT Trainer?

These are two popular, hybrid elliptical-stair-climber machines.

They’re ideal for high intensity interval training (or HIIT Training for short). Studies have shown that this is one of the best ways to train and burn more calories – even post workout.

They also have a few major benefits over standard elliptical trainers.

For example, they’re more compact in size and can engage more core and upper body muscle groups, giving you a more effective workout.

The Bowflex Max was introduced first about 4 years ago and was so popular they couldn’t keep it in stock the first Christmas it was out.

The Proform HIIT trainer came out last year and is definitely giving the Max Trainer a run for the money.

So how are they different?

And which is best for you?

This post will give you a rundown of the key differences between the Max Trainer vs Proform HIIT trainer machines.

You can then choose the best one for you. So let’s get started!


max trainer vs proform hiit trainer
Proform HIIT Trainer



Max Trainer vs Proform HIIT – Price


The Max Trainer currently has 4 different models that range from about $999 to $2799.

The models vary in terms of console features and premium construction – but the design that made the Max Trainer famous is still pretty much the same on all four models.

You can compare them – and get a Free Promo code to save at the Manufacturer here.


bowflex max vs proform hiit
Bowflex Max Total Trainer


The Proform HIIT trainer currently comes in 2 different models.

The main one sells for around $999 and the premium “PRO” version (seen below) goes for around $1499 (however at the stores, they can retail for as much as $2499). You can get the lower prices and Free Shipping on either HIIT Trainer by clicking here.

So basically the prices start around the same point. But Bowflex has 4 models instead of two – including a higher-end, commercial-grade model – the Max Total. The Proform HIIT trainer just has the basic and the PRO model.


proform hiit trainer vs max trainer
Proform HIIT PRO Trainer



Bowflex Max vs Proform HIIT Trainer – Console


The consoles vary across Max Trainer and HIIT Trainer models. However the Bowflex Max consoles are not as fancy as the Proform HIIT consoles and they don’t come with as many bells and whistles (like built-in fans, iPod docks, scrolling message boards etc.).


Bowflex max vs proform hiit - console
Bowflex M6 Console


The Max Trainer M6 and M8 consoles (seen above and below) are backlit, making it easy to read your workout stats (the M3 console is not backlit). And you also get the calorie burn meter (that kind of looks like a speedometer) that can be very motivating to burn more calories as you workout.

They also have shelves for your tablet which many people don’t realize. So you can watch movies or TV shows as you workout.


bowflex max trainer or proform hiit trainer
Bowflex Max M8 Console


You also get several built-in workout programs with each model including the famous Bowflex 14-minute HIIT workout that was specially designed to get you maximum results in minimum time.

The exception is the Bowflex Max Total – the premium model. This comes with a touch-screen console that you can use to connect with Max Intelligence or to go online and stream your Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime Video shows:


bowflex max total vs m8
Bowflex Max Total Console


The console on the Proform HIIT Trainer is also backlit and easy to read (seen below) – with a few more built-in workouts than Bowflex Max Trainers. It also has a tablet holder above the console.


Proform HIIT Trainer Console


The Proform HIIT Trainer PRO model however outshines them all.

It has a full-color touch screen console (and tablet holder above the console as well.) So you can see your workout results in full color – or watch iFit Coach HD workouts in full color (more on that below).

This alone can make workouts a lot more fun and interesting.


bowflex max vs hiit trainer elliptical
Proform HIIT Trainer PRO Console



Proform HIIT vs Max Trainer – Calories Burned


The Max trainer actually wins out here – not because their trainers are necessarily better – but because Bowflex has done the studies and trials to prove that their machine burns 2.5 times more calories than other machines.



bowflex max trainer vs proform hiit


For example, some trial Max trainer users burned up to 600 calories in 30 minutes – which is amazing.

They also have the amazing before and after pics and the studies that prove you engage more core and upper body muscles using the Max Trainer.


bowflex max trainer vs proform hiit trainer
Before and After – Bowflex Max Weight Loss


Proform isn’t really pushing the whole “More Calories Burned” message yet. However this may just be an example of better marketing on the part of Bowflex – not a better machine.

Still, if you want proven calorie-burning results, then the Max Trainer is the better option.


Bowflex max trainer vs proform hiit
Bowflex Max Trainer



Differences in Online Tracking/Extra Features


The Bowflex Max M6, M8 and Max Total models come with something called Max Intelligence (now also called Bowflex JRNY). You connect to Max Intelligence through your tablet or console – and from there you can get customized workouts downloaded to your trainer.


bowflex max trainer vs proform hiit comparison
Bowflex Max Intelligence


You can also choose from a library of personal-trainer-led workout videos to watch. And this year, Bowflex will also be adding world scenery workouts for a bit of virtual reality fun.

Proform has their own online tracking and entertainment option called iFit Coach.

As of this writing, iFit Coach is more developed than Max Intelligence and currently gives you a lot more to do in terms of workouts and tracking options.


proform hiit vs max trainer
Proform HIIT Trainer PRO Console with iFit


You can download new workouts – including several HIIT workouts to your trainer with iFit. You can also run famous trails all over the world – from Paris to Hawaii and see real landmarks pass you by in the console (or tablet) screens. This can add some virtual reality fun to your workouts.

You can also watch fitness classes on your console (or tablet) for some extra challenge. There are over 12,000 different iFit workout videos you can choose form in the iFit library – which gives you a lot of fun options.



Other Differences:


The Bowflex Max Trainer is a bit more compact than the Proform HIIT trainer, measuring about 50 x 30 inches. The HIIT trainer footprint is about 66 x 30 inches. Not a huge difference but something you may want to know.


max trainer vs proform hiit


Another benefit of the Max Trainer is that the HIIT workouts come built-in with the trainer.

While you do get several built-in workouts with the Proform HIIT Trainer, they are not technically “HIIT” workouts. You have to connect to iFit Coach to get the specially designed HIIT workouts.



Bottom Line?

So which is better in the Max Trainer vs Proform HIIT debate?

Well, the design itself is very similar with both machines.

And they both give you the benefits of engaging more lower body muscles than a regular elliptical (because of the climbing motion vs a running motion). So you’ll burn more calories than a standard elliptical with either machine.

While the Proform HIIT trainer has more sophisticated consoles and more video workouts with iFit Coach, the Max Trainer has the proven calorie-burning benefits and customized workouts with Max Intelligence. It’s also a bit more compact than the HIIT trainer.

So at the end of the day it depends on what you want – and which machine gets you the most excited about using it!

Want to learn more?


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bowflex max vs proform hiit trainer
Bowflex Max Trainer



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max trainer vs proform hiit trainer
Proform Cardio HIIT Trainer






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