Matrix E50 Review

Matrix E50






Stride Options


Entertainment Options


Fitness Options



  • Choice of 3 Different Consoles
  • Wheel-and-Track-Free Suspension Reduces Noise and Friction
  • Run World Trails with Virtual Active
  • Online Workout Tracking
  • Lose up to 27% Body Fat with Sprint 8 HIIT Training Workouts
  • Browse the Internet With the XIR Console
  • More Resistance Levels Than the A30
  • Multi-Position Arm Bars


  • No Incline Options
  • Not Ideal for Budget Buyers

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Matrix E50 Review – Highlights:

The Matrix E50 elliptical is the premium elliptical in the Matrix E-series – coming in with more resistance, upgraded handlebars and a longer warranty than the E30 model.

Matrix ellipticals come with some really unique features you don’t find on other commercial-grade elliptical trainers.


matrix e50 review
Matrix E50 Elliptical


The Suspension elliptical technology gets rid of the older track-and-wheel design that you usually find on most crosstrainers – giving you a smoother, more consistent feel with less friction.

(Another benefit is that you don’t have to clean as much. Crosstrainers with wheel-and-track designs can build up dust and dirt. You then have to keep wiping them down so the wheels don’t get dirty and potentially come off the track.)

Because Matrix has removed the wheel-and-track design, the E50 is also not as long as other trainers (see the pic below). So if space is limited in your workout area, this is a huge benefit as well.


matrix E50 Review


Matrix E50 Review – The Consoles:


Matrix offers you a choice of 3 different consoles on the E50 model.

They all vary by options, size, price, features etc. This is fantastic way to get what you want – and avoid paying for features you won’t use. Here’s a review of your console options on the E50 trainer:


#1 Basic XR Console

Just want a console with a simple design? The XR is a basic, backlit LCD display (not touch-screen sensitive). It shows you your workout stats without a lot of the fancy entertainment options of the other 2 consoles (no speaker system, no full-color console etc.)


matrix e50 elliptical review - consoles
Simple XR Console

There is some WiFi connectivity which you can use to track your workout stats with the Viafit app – or use to connect to the Passport player (see below for explanations).

This is also the most affordable option and great for people who just want to see the basics when they workout.



#2 Intuitive XER Console

This is a larger more advanced touch-screen, full color console. It includes Wi-Fi Connectivity and gives you access to popular social apps like Netflix, Facebook, Hulu, YouTube, Twitter etc.

So you can watch Netflix shows or catch up on Twitter news on this console  as you run – very handy.


matrix E30 review consoles
Matrix E50 Elliptical XER Console

The Bluetooth connectivity on this console supports wireless headphones or polar heart rate monitors. You can play your music through the console and the built-in console speakers.

With the Virtual Active feature you can run famous world trails and add some virtual reality fun to your workouts. Like the XR console, it also works with Viafit to track your workouts and with Passport player.



#3 Ultimate XIR Console

The XIR console steps it up to a gigantic 16 inches (vs 10 on the XER Console). It’s full-color, touch screen and, unlike the XER console – it’s also HD.


matrix e30 reviews
Matrix E30 XIR Console

You get Wi-Fi Connectivity for access to your favorite apps like Netflix, YouTube, Facebook and more. Plus this console also comes with a fully-functional web browser – so you can go online and surf the net as you run.

The speakers and sound-quality are also higher-grade on this console (vs the XER console). Basically this console is built for someone who wants the full, health-club experience with all the bells and whistles.



Burn Calories Faster with Sprint 8:


Sprint 8 is a unique HIIT training workout (included with all Matrix E50 consoles) that is created to give you the best calorie-burning results in the least amount of time.


matrix e50 elliptical trainer reviews


In just 20 minutes you’ll do 8 different high-intensity-training intervals. These are designed to maximize fat-burning both during and after your session.

In fact according to studies done by Johnson health (the company that owns and manufactures Matrix), Sprint 8 users burned up to 27% of their body fat in just 8 weeks without changing their diets at all – which is incredible.

The best part?

They only did 3 workouts a week. So you can get some impressive results from just 3 twenty-minute workouts a week with Sprint 8 on the E50 trainer.



Run World Trails with Virtual Active

Virtual Active (included on the XER and XIR consoles) adds some virtual reality training fun to your workout time. It is a first-person, forward-motion video experience that is broadcast through your console.

You can run beautiful trails and see the actual scenery around you on your elliptical console. The workout footage is synced to the speed and intensity of your workout to give you a more realistic “running outdoors” feel.

Here’s a video showing you how it works. You really only need to watch the first 36 seconds – the rest of the video is not a Matrix E50 review – it’s just about using Virtual Active with your Matrix bike.



Matrix E50 XER and XIR consoles come preloaded with 2 destinations – Northern Rockies and American Northeast.

You can choose to have a guided or basic workout. With the guided workout, you’ll get a trainer guiding you through your workout, giving you tips and encouraging you along the way. With the basic workout, you run alone without the trainer and just enjoy the scenery in quiet solitude.



Matrix E50 Review – Any Added Benefits?

All Matrix E50 console options will work with the Passport player device. Passport is an additional option that lets you add the virtual reality trail-running experience to your TV (instead of just your console).


matrix E50 elliptical reviews


You can connect Passport to your TV, and get high definition destination footage in large, living color synced to your speed and intensity (passport player is sold separately and is pre-loaded with 2 destinations).

Another benefit is that the Matrix E50 works with Viafit (a free tracking app) to track your daily workouts and sync them to your favorite fitness apps. This is a great tool to see how far you’ve come and challenge yourself to go even further in your fitness goals.



matrix E50 elliptical review

Matrix E50 Review – Anything Else You Should Know?

The Matrix E50 does not come with incline. Incline changes the slope of your elliptical pathway and, while it’s not necessary to have, a lot of people do like it.

If you are set on having incline, you may want to go with the Matrix A50 Ascent Trainer – which is basically the same machine but with incline.

On the other hand, if you really don’t care about having incline on your trainer, you can save a bit of money and get the Matrix E50.



Where to Buy and Save:

You can get the Matrix E50 elliptical (along with the latest upgrades to the consoles) direct from the Matrix Manufacturer here. They have the latest videos showing you what you get with the trainer.

You can also benefit from any current sales (they have several throughout the year) and get Free Shipping to your home.


Click Here To Save on the Matrix E50


matrix e50 review
Matrix E50 Elliptical



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  • April 15, 2021 at 2:22 PM

    I’ve had a Matrix E50 Elliptical for about 5-6 years now. Recently the unit started making a fairly load noise when in use. I stopped using the machine to avoid making things worse and contacted Johnson Fitness for service. Here’s their response: “Thank you for contacting Johnson Fitness and Wellness for service. Currently we are booked out for the next few months for scheduling due to high demands of service requests.
    If you would like, I can put you onto our Callback list and once we are able to schedule, I can give you a call or an email.” Meanwhile my expensive piece of equipment is collecting dust. What kind of a service model is this? If you’re thinking of buying from them just hope you don’t ever need service – but what are the chances of that since it is a mechanical piece of equipment with moving parts. Terrible, terrible, terrible service.🤬


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