Matrix A30 vs A50 Elliptical Comparison

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Which Is Best For You?


matrix a30 vs a50Wondering about the difference between the Matrix A30 vs A50 Ascent Trainers?

Matrix Ascent Trainers are similar to elliptical trainers – but they also give you power incline.

Incline changes the slope of your elliptical pathway – so you can then choose a more inclined or ascending elliptical motion.

Most people prefer to have incline as it offers you more ways to crosstrain and work different lower body muscles.

Matrix currently makes 2 models of the Ascent Trainer – the A30 and the A50.

The good news?

There aren’t a lot of huge differences between them.

You still get the Sprint 8 HIIT training workouts on both models along with the Virtual Active options so you can run trails all over the world. They are both also Passport-ready and both give you online tracking with Viafit

The A30 and the A50 also both come with a choice of 3 different consoles – a basic, intermediate and fully-tricked out console complete with web browser and apps like Netflix and Facebook.

The easy part is that these console options are the exact same for both the Matrix A30 and the A50.


matrix a30 vs a50
Matrix X50 XIR Console

So what’s the difference?

Well, basically the A50 gives you a few more “perks” in the design. Here’s a quick chart overview of the main differences between the Matrix A30 vs A50 elliptical trainers – followed by a few more details you need to know.


Matrix A30 vs A50 Comparison:


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Matrix A30 vs A50 – Resistance

The A50 has more resistance levels than the A30 model (30 vs 20). Why might this be important?


matrix a30 vs a50 comparison


Well, 20 resistance levels might be fine for most people. However it’s nice to have some room to grow. As your fitness level improves over time, you may want a greater resistance challenge – which is where the extra resistance levels come in.

Still, this really depend on what you think you’ll be doing – most people should be fine with the 20 resistance levels.



Matrix A30 vs A50 – Handlebars

The Matrix A30 comes with standard moving arm bars that you can grasp from several different positions:


matrix a30 review
Matrix A 30 Elliptical

However the A50 gives you a curved, premium arm bar set. You can use these to grip in various positions – more than the A30 – and work different parts of your upper body.


matrix a50 review
Matrix A50 Ascent Trainer




Matrix A30 vs A50 – Pedals

You also get upgraded footpedals on the A50 with a bit more cushioning to them. This is not necessary to have – just more of a luxury, comfort-added option.



Matrix A30 vs A50 – Parts Warranty

You also get longer coverage on parts with the A50 – 7 years vs 5 years. Both warranties are excellent however and do give you an idea of the quality of construction on these units.


Bottom Line? 

The real differences between the Matrix A30 vs A50 Ascent Trainers are found in the construction – not in the consoles (which makes it a lot easier to compare them).

They both give you the main benefits of Matrix ellipticals like power incline, a cleaner (and quieter) track-free design, online tracking, and the Sprint 8 HIIT workouts.

However the A50 gives you a few more perks like more resistance, better pedals and arms as well as more warranty protection.

It really comes down to what you’re looking for.

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matrix a30 vs a50
Matrix A50 Elliptical


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