Lifespan E3i Elliptical Review

Lifespan E3i Elliptical






Stride Options


Entertainment Options


Fitness Options



  • All-Steel Frame with 34 Pound Flywheel Adds Stability
  • CoreBalance Technology Adjusts for any Muscular Imbalances
  • USB Port Charges your Mobile Devices
  • Dual Roller Wheel Per Pedal
  • 20 Levels of Ramp to Add Challenge
  • Extra Large Console


  • Tablet Shelf Covers the Console
  • No Wireless Heart Rate Monitor

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Lifespan E3i Elliptical Review – Highlights:


the Lifespan E3i crosstrainer is a step up from it’s little brother – the E2i elliptical – with a heavier flywheel and larger console.

The all-steel frame and whopping 34 pound flywheel give you a strong, stable feel when you pick up your pace.


lifespan e3i elliptical review
Lifespan E3 Elliptical


Lifespan elliptical trainers (including the E3i model) have something very unique that you don’t find with other trainers – CoreBalance.

Sensors in the pedals help to identify where any effort imbalances may exist between your right and left sides. It then gives you feedback on the console to help you make adjustments accordingly.

The natural reduced Q-Factor on the E3i elliptical places the pedals closer together and minimizes the strain on your hips and back – for a more comfortable workout overall.

You also get an impressive 20 levels of power ramp (as well as 20 levels of resistance) to help work different groups of lower body muscles for enhanced crosstraining.




Lifespan E3i Elliptical – Console Review:


The console is bright blue and backlit. It’s also much larger than the E2i model, making it easier to read.

It shows your time, speed, calories, heart rate, watts, stride count, ramp and resistance level, and core balance.


lifespan e3i review



There are 21 built-in pre-programmed workouts to add some extra challenge.

You also get a built-in jack and speakers to play your favorite tunes as you run. The USB port helps you charge your phone as you workout.

Plus the console is Bluetooth-compatible allowing for wireless transfer of your workout information to your smartphone the moment you’re done.

And if you’d rather watch Netflix or Youtube videos as you run, there’s also a shelf for your tablet in front of the console.



lifespan e3i elliptical trainer review


20 Levels of Ramp

Ramp alters the incline of your elliptical running pathway – helping you to work different groups of lower body muscles. A lot of people really prefer the added crosstraining they get with ramp.

You get 20 different levels of ramp on the E3i trainer.  Plus it’s power-ramp, meaning you can change it easily from the console. You don’t have to get off the trainer to change it manually.



Lifespan E3i Review – CoreBalance


This is something you don’t see in other brand ellipticals that’s pretty unique. Through sensors built into the pedals, CoreBalance calculates the precise amount of force being produced by the left and right sides of your body.

Each person’s unique readings are shown directly on the unit’s console, providing immediate feedback on your run. You can then easily adjust your force to bring yourself back into the ideal equilibrium.



lifespan e3i review - corebalance




Lifespan E3i Elliptical – More Benefits


The 20 inch stride is impressive as it will help you work your lower body muscles more fully. A lot of people also feel that the longer 20 inch stride feels more natural and comfortable overall.

You can keep track of your heart rate by grasping the sensors on the stationary handlebars. This trainer will also work with a wireless heart rate chest strap (although it’s not included with the elliptical).



lifespan e3i elliptical trainer reviews



Lifespan E3i Review –  Any Downsides?


Although this is a small thing, we were a little surprised to find that there is no cooling fan in the console.

Also while the shelf for your tablet is great – it will most likely cover all or some of the console window when you use your tablet. So you won’t be able to see some or all of your workout stats.


lifespan e3i elliptical review


And while Lifespan does say you can track your workout stats using the Bluetooth on this trainer and the Active Trac app, you have to remove the access panel on the back of the console to do it. It seems a little bit laborious and complicated.

Similar ellipticals to compare this trainer against include the Nordictrack C9.5 and the Proform 920e.




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lifespan e3i elliptical review
Lifespan E3 Elliptical



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