Lifespan E2i vs E3i Elliptical Comparison – How Do They Stack Up?

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Trying to decide between the Lifespan E2i vs E3i Elliptical Trainers?

These are two super-affordable, front-drive crosstrainers from a well-respected name in the elliptical trainer industry.


lifespan e2i vs e3i elliptical
Lifespan E2 Elliptical


They both have a natural reduced Q-Factor which places the pedals closer together (about 3.9 inches apart). This minimizes the strain on your hips and back – for a more comfortable workout overall.

They also both have something unique to Lifespan trainers – CoreBalance.

CoreBalance senses and reads the amount of force being produced by the left and right sides of your body – and gives you feedback on any imbalances. You can then easily adjust your force to bring yourself back into the ideal equilibrium.


lifespan e2i vs e3i
Lifespan E3i Elliptical


So what about the differences between the Lifespan E2i vs E3i?  And which is best for you?

Well, there are a few differences you should know to help you decide between them. Let’s dive in and compare them:


Lifespan E2i vs E3i Comparison:

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Lifespan E2i vs E3i – Console

In addition to the differences you’ll see in the chart above, there is also a difference in the size of the consoles. While both give you backlit, blue LCD consoles with a shelf for your tablet, you’ll notice that the E3i console is much larger.

Here’s the E2i ellitpical console:


Lifespan E2i Elliptical Console


And here’s the Lifespan E3i console:


lifespan e2i vs e3i comparison
Lifespan E3i Console


So the E3i console, being quite a bit larger – might be easier to read and more enjoyable from that point of view.

Also, you’ll notice that there are easy, one-touch workout program buttons on the E3i console. Both elliptical trainers come with built-in workout programs but the E3i console makes it a bit easier to get to them with the touch of a button.



Lifespan E2i vs E3i – Flywheel

The Lifespan E2i elliptical carries a 25 pound flywheel – which is fairly heavy given the price point.

However the Lifespan E3i trainer goes one better and comes with a heavier 34 pound flywheel.


lifespan e2i elliptical review
Lifespan E2i Elliptical

What does this mean to you?

Well, a heavier flywheel helps to give you a smoother-feeling ride. It also helps to anchor the machine and add stability.

So if you’re planning on longer or heavier use of your elliptical trainer, the 34 pound flywheel on the Lifespan E3i trainer would probably be be the better option.



Lifespan E2i or E3i Eliptical – Arm Bars

One small thing you may not have noticed is that the Lifespan E2i trainer comes with standard moving arm bars (not cushioned) whereas the E3i trainer gives you upgraded arm bar handles that are a bit more cushioned.

While this is a small thing, it is worth noting. Especially on longer workouts, the cushioned handlebars can be much more comfortable.


lifespan e2i vs e3i elliptical
Lifespan E3i Elliptical



Lifespan E2i vs E3i Comparison – Warranty

You get a slightly longer warranty on the E3i model vs the E2i model – not surprising since it’s the next model up from the E2i.

The Lifespan E3i warranty gives you 5 years on parts and 2 years on labor whereas the Lifespan E2i trainer warranty gives you 3 years on parts and just 1 year on labor.




lifespan e3i elliptical trainer review
Double Roller on Lifespan E3i



Lifespan E2i vs E2i  – Roller-Track Design

The Lifespan E2i elliptical gives you a single-wheel roller track design which means you only have one wheel on the track behind each pedal. This is pretty standard – especially for starter crosstrainers.

However the Lifespan E3i elliptical steps it up to a double-wheel roller track design. This means that there are 2 wheels on the track behind each pedal.

The double-wheel design helps to keep the wheels on the track, even when there’s more strain and pressure on the machine (for example when there are multiple users or very vigorous workouts).

Because of this, the double-wheel track design on the Lifespan E3i elliptical is really made to stand up better to longer or more intense workouts. There’s less chance that both wheels will break or come off the track.



lifespan e2i vs e3i comparison
CoreBalance Sensors



So Which is Best For You?

So those are the main differences between the Lifespan E2i vs E3i elliptical trainers.

Which is best for you? Well it really comes down to what you’re looking for.

The Lifespan E2i elliptical is a great little starter unit coming in at a fantastic price. It still gives you all the basics you need like the respectable 25 pound flywheel, backlit console, 20 built-in workout programs and 20 levels of incline.

The Lifespan E3i elliptical however is made a bit stronger with a heavier flywheel and a dual-roller-track design. It also carries a larger, easier-to-read console, upgraded handlebars and a longer warranty.

So it comes down to your budget and how much you plan on using the elliptical trainer.

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lifespan e2i vs e3i
Lifespan E3i Elliptical



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lifespan e2i vs e3i elliptical
Lifespan E2 Elliptical



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