Life Fitness X3 Review

Life Fitness X3 Elliptical






Stride Options


Entertainment Options


Fitness Options



  • Eddy Current Resistance Feels Very Solid and Stable
  • Coach Zone with Glute and Arm Toner Give You Targetted Workouts
  • Whisperstride Uses Maintenance-free Ball Bearings to Reduce Friction and Ensure Nearly Silent Operation
  • Healthy 20 Inch Stride Helps To Full Work Lower Body Muscles
  • Pedals Are Optimally Spaced to Minimize Stress


  • No Incline
  • Console is Limited In Terms of Online Connectivity and Tracking

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Life Fitness X3 Review – Highlights:


The Life Fitness X3 elliptical is a popular home version of the popular commercial Life Fitness elliptical trainers.

life fitness x3 review
Life Fitness X3i


The X3 is a rear-drive design and includes the popular Life Fitness Whisper stride which uses maintenance-free ball bearings to reduce friction and give you a more quiet operation. This makes the Life Fitness X3 great for those early morning workouts when you don’t want to wake up the kids.

The eddy current resistance system also gives this elliptical a very solid, heavy feel without the jerky stop-and-starts that you usually get with cheaper ellipticals.

One thing people notice when using the Life Fitness X3 elliptical trainer (and Life Fitness trainers in general) is how comfortable and natural the movement feels. This is partially due to the optimally spaced pedals.


life fitness X3 elliptical review



These help to minimize the lateral hip shifting that could put stress on your lower back. So you’re comfortable both during and after your workouts – even extra long ones.



Life Fitness X3 Elliptical Review – Console


The console is bright and backlit with an LCD display that tracks your distance, speed, calories burned, level, time, heart rate, target heart rate, METs, and watts.

life fitness x3 elliptical review

There’s also a handy oversized dual accessory tray with a built-in reading rack to hold your tablet or magazine.

The console also includes 12 different built-in workouts, including some sports-specific workouts like Hill, Random, Sport Training, EZ Incline, Time-Based Goal, Distance-Based Goal, Fat Burn, Cardio, Heart Rate Hill and more.  There’s also a Race mode and manual mode for a do-it-yourself workout.

The console stores stats and information for 2 different users – which is handy since you don’t have to re-enter your information every time you start a new workout.

life fitness x3 review


There’s also a specially designed ErgoGrip stationary handlebar if you want to just work your lower body.

Another unique thing about the X3 ellptical is the Coach Zone Training in front of console which helps you target and tone different muscle groups. Just select the glute toner or arm toner to work and tone different muscle groups.

There are also hand grip pulse sensors on either side of the stationary handlebars so you can stay in your target fat burning zone.

And you also get a wireless chest strap if you’d prefer to track your heart rate that way. A lot of people find that the chest strap gives you more accurate results than the hand grips. It’s also a lot more convenient than having to continually grasp the hand sensors.



Longer Stride Gives A Better Lower Body Workout

A longer stride helps to move fully work your lower body leg muscles. You want to be able to full stretch out and run. The Life Fitness X3 elliptical comes with a generous 20 inch stride which will really help you work your lower body.


life fitness x3 review



Life Fitness X3 Review –  Any Downsides?

One thing some people may not like is that there is no incline included on the X3 elliptical. Incline changes the slope of your elliptical pathway and helps you to crosstrain different groups of lower body muscles.

A lot of people really like having it and it is a bit surprising to find that it’s not included on this trainer – especially at this price point.


life fitness x3 review


Also, there is no online connectivity or tracking with this trainer. Again, this is something you would expect to have with an elliptical at this price point.

Basically there’s not a whole lot in terms of entertainment options on this console – there’s really only the built-in workout programs. The money here really went into the construction quality and design – which is excellent. So at the end of the day, it really depends on what’s most important to you.


Where to Buy and Save:

Overall if you’re looking for Life Fitness quality without the commercial health-club price tag, you’ll probably be very happy with the Life Fitness X3 elliptical. You can buy it directly online and get Free Shipping here. You can also read the latest user reviews.


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life fitness x3 review
Life Fitness X3i


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