Bowflex Lateral X vs Freestrider Comparison

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Which is Best For You?


lateral x vs freestrider comparison
Bowflex Lateral X Elliptical

Trying to compare the Bowflex Lateral X vs Freestrider elliptical trainer?

Both of these ellipticals give you an edge over a standard elliptical machine.

And they both (in theory) can help you burn more calories and get a better overall crosstraining workout than a regular standard trainer.

But how do they stack up against each other?

And which is best for you?

This post will show you some of the key differences between them – so you decide which is the best machine for you. So let’s get started:



Lateral X vs Freestrider – Price


The Bowflex Lateral X comes in 2 models – the LX3 and the LX5. The LX3 is the most affordable version starting around $1999 and the LX5 with a few more premium features – starts around $2699.

You can compare them – and get a Free Promo code to save at the Manufacturer here.


lateral x vs freestrider elliptical comparison
Bowflex Lateral X Elliptical


The Nordictrack Freestride trainer (as of this writing) offers 3 different models the FS5i, FS7i and the premium FS9i. Prices start a bit lower than the Lateral X – around $1599 and range up to $2499.

You can however get an instant discount on any Freestrider model at the Manufacturer here.

So overall, the Freestrider comes in a bit more affordable than the Lateral X, which makes it more attractive if you’re on a budget.


Nordictrack Freestrider


Lateral X vs Freestrider – Lower Body Training


This is where you’ll see a big difference. These two machines offer you very different lower body training motions.


Freestride Trainer Motion – Adaptable Stride

The big advantage with the Freestride trainer is that it offers an adaptable (vs fixed) stride of up to 32 inches! Most regular elliptical trainers only give you a fixed stride of around 18 – 20 inches.

What does the adaptable stride mean for you?

Well, it means you can basically vary your stride throughout your workout and do several different types of running motions – from short, stair-climbing strides to longer jogging strides to even longer hurdling-type strides.


freestrider vs lateral x comparison


You have a huge range of motions to choose from when the stride is adaptable like this. Your body will never adapt to one set motion.

Plus if there are multiple users in your home, everyone can find the right stride length that feels most comfortable for them.


Lateral X Motion – Side-to-Side 3-D Motion

The Lateral X elliptical gives you a different type of crosstraining benefit – lateral, side-to-side motion.

So in addition to working like a regular elliptical where you go forward and backwards, you can also go side-to-side.


lateral x vs freestride trainer


You can push, pull, stand and squat, glide back and forth side to side. By doing these lateral motions you will be targeting areas that you just can’t work on a standard elliptical trainer.

This opens up a much richer crosstraining experience – and one that is much more similar to the movements that you do in everyday life.

So as you can see that both machines give you huge benefits over a standard elliptical – in their own ways.


lateral x vs nordictrack freestrider



Lateral X vs Freestrider – Calories Burned

This one is a little harder to judge. Whereas Bowflex does the studies so they can advertise that their machines help you burn more calories – Nordictrack has not done this (yet).

In theory the Nordictrack Freestride trainer can help you burn more calories than a standard elliptical trainer since you’re always changing your stride (so your body can’t adapt).


nordictrack freestride trainer vs bowflex lateral x elliptical
Nordictrack Freestride Trainer


Plus when you are doing longer stride motions, you’ll be working more muscle groups – and that means you’ll be burning more calories.

Plus the Freestrider comes with iFit Coach – which has a lot of ways to track your workouts, set and achieve new fitness goals.  So that alone might be motivating for you to work harder and burn more calories – just to see the results on your iFit charts.


Freestrider with iFit


However the Lateral X does step it up with proven results.

According to a University Caloric study, you can burn up to 39% more calories with the Lateral X than with a self-paced elliptical workout – all in as little as 16 minutes.

Bowflex actually has created a special 16-minute HIIT workout on the Lateral X to help you get maximum results in less time.

So overall, if you’re focused on burning more calories in less time, then the Lateral X has the slight edge here.


lateral x vs freestrider - console
Bowflex LX3 Lateral X Console



Lateral X vs Freestrider – Entertainment

The consoles on the Freestride Trainers range from a dual color console on the FS5i to a full-color, touch-screen HD console the FS7i and the FS9i.

These last two are very cool as you can watch iFit scenery and workout classes in full color from your console.

And, as mentioned above, with iFit Coach you can do all sorts of things like track your workouts, watch HD workout videos and even run trails all over the world from Hawaii to Paris. So if you’re looking for a little virtual reality fun, this is a great option.


iFit Coach on the Nordictrack Freestrider


But the Lateral X is no slouch either. While the consoles are only dual color on these machines, they do offer shelves for your tablet.

Plus they come with a special 12 Week Workout plan with 30 full-length workout videos included.

Personal trainers will lead you through workouts like “LateralX Basics” and “LateralX Athletic Conditioning”. You also get other fitness videos like yoga and strength-training workouts you can do with Select Tech dumbbells.


bowflex lateralx elliptical app


And you can track your workouts on the Bowflex Lateral X app.

So overall, both trainers give you great tracking and entertainment options. The slight edge here goes to the Nordictrack Freestrider – simply because of the full color consoles on the virtual reality workouts with iFit Coach.


nordictrack ifit
iFit Coach



Lateral X vs Freestrider – Other Differences

A few more differences to consider here: The Freestrider FS7i and FS9i come with incline – which changes the slope of your elliptical path. It’s a great way to add more crosstraining to your workout. The Lateral X does not come with this option.


nordictrack freestride trainer vs lateral x elliptical
Nordictrack FS9i Incline and Decline


The Lateral X ellipticals come with moving arm bars – and stationary arm bars. So you can rest your arms if you don’t want to work them.

The Freestrider ellipticals only come with moving arm bars – no stationary arm bars.


Freestrider vs lateral x
Bowflex Lateral X Elliptical



Bottom Line?

So which machine comes out ahead in the Bowflex Lateral X vs Freestrider comparison?

Well, this comes down to what you prefer. The Freestrider gives you an adaptable stride that you can vary as you like. The extra long stride is also great for multiple-user families since everyone can choose the right stride for them.

It also has a slight edge when it comes to better entertainment options on the full-color HD consoles.

However the Lateral X gives you a side-to-side motion that has been actually proven to burn more calories than a regular elliptical. It also gives you a large range of crosstraining options.

Plus you get the stationary handlebars to rest your arms – which many people do prefer.

So there are benefits to each – it really comes down to what is most important to you.

Want to learn more?


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lateral x elliptical vs nordictrack freestrider
Bowflex Lateral X Elliptical



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nordictrack freestrider vs bowflex lateral x
Nordictrack Freestrider



nordictrack freestrider vs lateral x


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