Horizon Peak Trainer Review – A Good Buy For You?

Horizon Peak Trainer






Stride Options


Entertainment Options


Fitness Options



  • Burn up to 27% Body Fat With A More Effective Workout
  • Built-in 20-Minute HIIT Workouts Add Challenge
  • More Compact Than Traditional Ellipticals
  • Backlit Console with Media Shelf
  • Lower Impact Design


  • No Bluetooth or Tracking Options
  • Console is Small and A Bit Basic
  • No Wireless Heart Rate Options

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Horizon Peak Trainer HT5.0 Review – Highlights:


The Horizon Peak Trainer is Horizon’s answer to the very popular Bowflex Max Trainer.

Like the Max Trainer, it combines a vertical climbing motion with upper body elliptical-style arms. This makes it great or full-body training and HIIT workouts.


Horizon Peak Trainer

According to the manufacturer, it also engages more muscle and burns more calories than traditional cardio exercise – even in short, 20-minute workouts.

You also get several built-in, 20-minute HIIT workouts with this trainer, designed to help you cut 27% of body fat in just 8 weeks.



Benefits of the Horizon Peak Trainer:

This trainer is not a standard elliptical – it’s more of a combination elliptical-stair climber.

You have the lower body motion of the incline stepping or hiking – along with the upper body training of the elliptical moving arm bars.



This design engages more lower and upper body muscles – resulting in more calories burned than a traditional elliptical. Like an elliptical though, the cushioned footpedals and lack of impact is easier on the joints than other machines like a treadmill.

And to help you burn calories even faster, Horizon has also included several built-in HIIT training workouts. These are called Sprint 8 workouts.

These are specially designed, 20-minute HIIT workouts that, according to studies by the manufacturer, can help trim body fat by up to 27% in 8 weeks (of just three 20-minute workouts per week).

So if you’re looking to get faster results in less time – this trainer can do that for you.





Console on the Peak Trainer AT5.0

The console on this trainer is dual-color, bright and backlit with a race-track display and easy-to-reach, stop and start buttons.

There’s also a media shelf to hold your tablet. So you can watch Netflix or YouTube videos as you workout – or just surf the net.


Horizon Peak Trainer Console


The fixed handlebars on either side of the console have an EKG grip sensor – so you can track your heart rate (or just take a break from your upper body workout).

Another nice touch?

You’ll find a smaller shelf below the console that you can use to hold your phone. This is handy since, let’s face it, most of us carry our phones around with us like a second appendage.




Wheel and Track-Free Design

Another benefit to this trainer is that – unlike traditional ellipticals – this has a wheel and track-free design. This cuts down on the noise as well as the wear and tear of parts.

Because this machine doesn’t have a traditional wheel and track stretching out behind it like a standard elliptical, it takes up less space.

It also means there’s less to clean (the tracks on an elliptical can build up with dust and dirt over time).




Any Drawbacks?

While the console does have a media shelf to hold your tablet – if you do use it to hold your tablet, it will cover up the console window – which is a bit annoying since you can’t read your workout stats.

Also, while there is a USB charging port and console speakers, there is no Bluetooth or tracking options with this trainer like you get with some of Horizon’s other elliptical models.

Finally, while this is a sturdy, stable machine, it doesn’t give you the kind of construction quality of say, the Bowflex Max Total or the Max Trainer M8. Then again for this price, you can’t really argue – it’s extremely affordable.




Where to Buy and Save:

This model is fairly new and can be hard to find in stores. However you can use this link to get an extra 10% off the Horizon Peak Trainer HT5.0.

You’ll also get Free Shipping to your home.


Click Here To Save on the Peak Trainer HT5.0


Horizon Peak Trainer



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