Foldable Elliptical with Incline? Check Out This Crosstrainer!

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Looking for a foldable elliptical with incline?

Unfortunately, you’re in for a challenge.

While there are lots of elliptical trainers with incline – most of them don’t fold up.

You used to be able to find more folding elliptical trainers with incline. Nordictrack and Proform both had several options.

Unfortunately, due to lack of interest or poor branding, they just didn’t sell overly well.

There’s another issue as well for manufacturers.

Due to the limits of a folding design, it can be challenging for a manufacturer to build a strong, stable elliptical trainer that also folds up.

You can find cheap foldable elliptical trainers – but they aren’t exactly built to last. They’ll probably start squeaking right around the time that the 90 day warranty runs out.

However, all is not lost – there is currently one high-quality, affordable, stable foldable elliptical with incline on the market to consider.

And the good news? It has some other fun toys too.

What is it?

It’s the Nordictrack Spacesaver SE9i Elliptical.

The Nordictrack SE9i Spacesaver elliptical is a rear-drive folding elliptical that also gives you up to 10% incline. (You can check out our full review here).


Nordictrack SE9i Foldable Elliptical

The SE9i has been around for several years now (with updates every few years). While Nordictrack makes 2 folding ellipticals – the SE7i and the SE9i model, the SE9i model is the only one that has incline.

The incline is a great way to change things up and work different sets of muscle groups as you workout.

It’s power incline – so you can change the settings easily with the buttons on the console.

Plus, Nordictrack updated it this year with an even larger, full-color, HD touch-screen this year.



You can use this to connect with iFit (Nordictrack’s online streaming service) and run trails all over the world or even take a live fitness class from your home.

Another cool thing on this unit?

It uses incline-matching technology. This means that if you’re running a world trail with iFit, the machine will incline to match the terrain that you’re running to give you a more realistic feel.

And you also get 24 resistance levels to add some extra challenge to your workout.



While it’s unclear how long the SE9i elliptical will be around (Nordictrack is currently showing it as being on closeout), if you’re looking for a quality foldable elliptical with incline, it’s worth checking out.

You can buy it direct from the Manufacturer here and get Free Shipping plus a special iFit deal included.

Want to learn more about the SE9i elliptical?

Here’s a great video showing you how it works (note this is an older model – the newer model has the larger console)



Click to Save on the Folding SE9i Elliptical




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