Bowflex Max Trainer vs Lateral X Elliptical

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Which Is Best For You?


bowflex max trainer vs lateral x
Bowflex Max

Trying to decide between the Bowflex Max Trainer vs Lateral X Elliptical?

These are two elliptical-style trainers that are built to give you an edge over the standard elliptical trainer.

Studies have shown that both of these machines can help you burn more calories than a regular crosstrainer.

The Bowflex Max is the seasoned pro – coming out about 4 years ago. It was so popular when it came out that Bowflex couldn’t keep it in stock over the holidays.

The Bowflex Lateral X is the new kid on the block – coming out just this year.

However it could give the Max trainer a run for the money.

So how are they different?

And which is best for you?

This post will show you some of the key differences between the Max Trainer and the Lateral X elliptical.

You can then choose the best one for you. So let’s dive in!


max trainer vs lateral x
Bowflex Lateral X



Max Trainer vs Lateral X – Price


The Max Trainer is a bit more affordable, depending on the model you choose. It currently has 3 different models that range from about $999 to $2199.

The models vary in terms of console design, resistance levels and construction features – but the design that made the Max Trainer famous is still pretty much the same on all 3 models.

You can compare them – and get a Free Promo code to save at the Manufacturer here.


max trainer vs lateral x trainer comparison
Bowflex Max M7


The Bowflex Lateral X trainer starts off a bit higher and runs from around $1999 and up to $2999 as of this writing. There are 3 models – the LX3, LX5 and the LX5 Performance.

The LX3 and LX5 vary in terms of resistance levels, workout programs, features and construction. The LX5 Performance is the same as the LX5 model – but it comes with a tablet pre-loaded with Bowflex LateralX workouts and a free equipment mat.

While the LateralX trainers are a bit higher-priced than the Max Trainer, you can get a Free Promo code on any LateralX model by clicking here.


bowflex lateral x vs max trainer
Bowflex LX3 Lateral X



Max Trainer vs Lateral X – Motion


Ok, this is where it gets interesting.

The Bowflex Max gives you an up-and-down stair climbing motion (along with moving elliptical-trainer upper-body arms).


bowflex max vs lateral x trainer
Bowflex Max Trainer


The Lateral X is more like an elliptical trainer where you do a forward (or backwards) running motion – but there’s a twist.

The Lateral X also adds in side-to-side lateral motion. So you can actually move in 3 dimensions instead of two as you would a standard elliptical trainer.


bowflex max vs lateralx


This more closely mimics that motion that you do in everyday life. Plus it gives you a whole new range of lower body training exercises you can do – you can stand, squat, push, pull glide from side-to-side and more.

So you get a much greater variety of lower body training motions that you can do with the Lateral X vs the Bowflex Max.



bowflex lateral x vs max trainer




Bowflex Max Trainer vs Lateral X – Console


The consoles vary across Max Trainer models. They all however give you the calorie-burn meter (that looks a little like a speedometer) which many people say is very motivating.

They also give you a place to hold your tablet – so you can watch Netflix or Youtube videos as you workout.


bowflex max trainer vs proform hiit trainer comparison
Bowflex M5 Console


The Lateral X consoles are a bit more sophisticated with larger backlit screens. They show your time, calories, heart rate, resistance and workout programs.

They also have a place to put your tablet, just like the Max Trainer models, and several built-in workouts.


max trainer vs bowflex lateral x comparison
Bowflex LX3 Lateral X Console


One thing worth mentioning is that the Bowflex M3 trainer does not come with Bluetooth tracking or with a backlit console.

However every other model here does come with Bluetooth tracking (the M5 and M7 Max Trainers plus every Lateral X Trainer). You can monitor your progress using the Free Bowflex App, which again can be really motivating.




Bowflex Max vs Lateral X – Calories Burned


According to Bowflex studies, you can burn up to 2.5 times more calories on the Max Trainer vs a standard elliptical.


bowflex max trainer vs proform hiit


They also have the amazing before-and-after pictures and the studies that prove you engage more core and upper body muscles using the Max Trainer.

Plus it’s been over 4 years now – so it’s safe to say the effectiveness of this machine has been proven over time.


bowflex max trainer vs proform hiit trainer
Before and After – Bowflex Max Weight Loss


Bowflex also did a study on the Lateral X trainer. According to a University Caloric study, you can burn up to 39% more calories than a self-paced elliptical trainer workout – in as little as 16 minutes.

So let’s try to break this down into actual numbers.

(And this is just my interpretation of those stats. If you don’t think I’m breaking this down correctly, please let me know in the comments below – math was not my best subject in high school).


lateral x vs max trainer comparison


Let’s say that on a typical elliptical you would burn about 100 calories.

On the Max Trainer (according to the claims), you would burn 100 x 2.5 = 250 calories. That’s 2.5 times more calories than a standard elliptical –  as the claims suggest.

A Lateral X elliptical would burn 39% more than 100 calories which would be 100 x 1.39 = 139 calories.

So based on those calculations, technically you would burn a bit more calories on the Max Trainer vs Lateral X (250 vs 139).



Now obviously there are a lot of other factors that play into this calculation like whether you do the HIIT workouts included, your current fitness level, gender, weight and more.

It also depends on whether you actually like using the machine as well (and end up staying on it longer).

Plus you have to consider the crosstraining aspect – which is technically better with the Lateral X.

You have a lot more lower body training options on this machine vs the Max Trainer. And that can impact your toning results, how many calories you burn post workout, etc.

So those are all things to consider when making your choice as well.




Bowflex Max vs LateralX – Other Differences


The Bowflex Max Trainer is a bit more compact than the Lateral X elliptical, measuring about 46 x 25 inches.

The Lateral X footprint is about 54 x 46 inches. So the Max Trainer takes up less space and would be perhaps a better choice for condos or apartments.


max trainer vs lateral x



Bottom Line?

So which is better in the Max Trainer vs Lateral X debate?

Well, on the one hand the Max Trainer has the edge when it comes to calorie-burning and price.

It also has several years of proven results to back up it’s claims.

On the other hand, the Lateral X gives you a lot more in the way of lower body training options – forward, back, side to side, etc. It also has a larger console and more closely mimics the way your body moves in everyday life.

So it depends on what you want – and which machine gets you the most excited about using it. Because at the end of the day that’s the machine that will be most effective for you!

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bowflex max vs lateral x elliptical
Bowflex Max Trainer



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bowflex max trainer vs lateral x
Bowflex Lateral X Elliptical




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