Bowflex Max Trainer M6 vs Max Total Comparison

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Which Is the Best Option For You?


Trying to decide between the Bowflex Max Trainer M6 vs Bowflex Max Total?

Wondering which is best for you?


Bowflex max trainer m6 vs max total
Bowflex Max M6 Trainer


Both models come with the super-high-calorie burning design of the lower body stair-climbing motion married to an elliptical upper-body training motion.

They both also come with the popular Bowflex 14-minute HIIT workout that’s designed to get you maximum results in minimum time.


bowflex max total vs m6
Bowflex Max Total Trainer


But what about when you compare them against each other?

Which is best for you?

They both have unique benefits. This post will help you compare the Bowflex M6 vs Max Total to help you make a more informed buying decision.

So let’s dive in:


bowflex max m8 review

Bowflex Max M6 vs Max Total – Price

As of this writing the Bowflex M6 Max Trainer is the more affordable option. You can get it for around $1699 with a Code for Free Shipping here.

The Bowflex Max Total is the premium, commercial-grade model in the series. It comes in for a bit more – around $2799 with a Special Discount Promo code here.



Console Differences:

The consoles are quite different on these trainers.

The Bowflex Max M6 console is bright and backlit with a smaller dual-color LED display. It also carries a shelf to hold your tablet and a USB charging port:


Bowflex max trainer new models
Bowflex M6 Console


The Bowflex Max Total console however is a huge upgrade. It’s a 9.6-inch, full-color, Samsung, touch-screen with built-in speakers:


bowflex max total vs m8
Bowflex Max Total Console


As you can see, the Max Total console is much larger – and easier to read – than the M6 console.

Plus you can also connect directly with Bowflex JRNY and stream trainer-led workout videos to your console (more on that below).

You can also connect to your Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or Hulu accounts through the console and watch TV shows or movies as you workout. This is a very cool feature that you don’t get with the M6.

This alone can make your workouts a lot more fun and productive.


Bowflex Max Total Console


Resistance Levels

The Bowflex Max M6 gives you 16 levels of resistance – which is pretty good and should be fine for most people.

The Max Total however gives you more with 20 resistance levels. So you have a bit more room to grow with this model.


Bowflex Max M6



Max Total vs M6 Max Trainer – Construction

There are some construction differences as well. For example the Max Total upgrades to a double-wheel-track design.

This means that there are two tracks for each pedal. This gives you a more stable, smooth feel to the motion. It also adds more support – making the machine better able to stand up to heavier or more intense workouts.



This is great for environments where there are multiple users – or very intense workouts.

The M6 model has a single-wheel-track design. This isn’t a bad thing – it’s actually fine for most people.

It’s just that the Max Total model has a bit more strength and substance to it. You can work it a bit harder than the M6 model.


Bowflex max trainer m6 vs max total
Bowflex Max M6 Trainer



Bowflex M6 vs Max Total – Arm Bars

You also get upgraded arm bars on the Max Total model. These give you more positions to train your arms than on the standard moving arm bars found on the Bowflex M6 model.


bowflex max total vs m6
Bowflex Max Total Trainer


Bowflex JRNY

Bowflex JRNY is a new feature Bowflex recently added. Both the Max M6 and the Max Total models are compatible with the JRNY app

Bowflex JRNY can track your workouts and fitness level. Then it can send individualized, customized workouts to your trainer and even coach you through the workout!


Bowflex JRNY

You can also stream trainer-led fitness classes directly to your console or tablet for some extra workout challenge.

Finally, you can also travel famous world trails and watch as the scenery passes you by on the console or tablet screen. This adds a little virtual reality fun to your workout time!


bowflex max new models
Bowflex JRNY


Here’s the difference:

With the M6 model, you’ll need your own tablet to connect with Max Intelligence and do all of these things.

With the Max Total model, you can connect directly through the console. So you don’t need your own tablet.


Max Total Console


(Note that you don’t need Max Intelligence to use either trainer – both work fine without it. You also get several built-in workouts with each trainer if you don’t want to use Max Intelligence. It’s just an option if you want it.)


Bottom Line?

So what’s the bottom line when comparing the Bowflex Max Trainer M6 vs Max Total?

Each has their strengths. The M6 is more affordable and still gives you everything you need for an effective, high-calorie burning workout.

The Bowflex Max Total gives you the upgraded console where you can stream JRNY or Netflix, Hulu etc.

It also gives you more resistance levels and upgraded arm bars for extra challenge. However it’s also pricier than the M6 model.

So at the end of the day, it depends on your budget, fitness goals and preferences.

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Bowflex max trainer m6 vs max total
Bowflex Max M6



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bowflex max total vs m6
Bowflex Max Total Trainer



Bowflex Max Trainer M6 Review – A Good Buy For You?


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