Bowflex Max Total vs M9 Comparison – Which is Best For You?

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Trying to decide between the Bowflex Max Total vs M9 Trainers?

How do they compare – and which is best for you?


Bowflex Max Total 16


The Bowflex Max Total 16 is the replacement for the older Max Total model. It comes with a larger screen than the old model and it’s now seen as the premium model in the Max Trainer series.

The Bowflex Max M9 is also a new model this year and is the mid-range model in the series.

They both give you the key benefits of the Bowflex Max – faster calorie burn in less time. They both give you the stair-stepping motion with the upper body elliptical training arms that Max Trainers are known for.


Bowflex Max M9


They also both give you the more compact footprint (vs standard elliptical trainers) that make them great machines for smaller workout areas or apartments.

So what are the main differences between them? And which is the right choice for you?

This post will show you the key differences between the Bowflex Max Total vs M9 Trainers to help you make a more informed decision.



Bowflex Max Total vs M9: Price

As of this writing, the M9 Max trainer is the more affordable version of the two – coming in around $1999 with Free Shipping here.

The Bowflex Total trainer is a higher-end model with a few more perks. It comes in around $2499 with Free Shipping here.

So from a budget point of view, the M9 model has the advantage. What do you get for the extra money on the Max Total 16? Let’s find out.



Bowflex Max Total 16 vs M9: Console

Both trainers give you impressive, full-color, touch-screen HD consoles.

You can connect with Bowflex JRNY (their online streaming service) and take fitness classes or explore world trails right through the console – which is pretty cool.

Another very popular feature that you get with both consoles?



You can connect to your streaming services like Netflix, Disney plus, Amazon Prime and Hulu through the console and JRNY to watch shows as you workout.

So what’s the difference? Size

The Bowflex M9 comes with a respectable 10-inch console screen which you can see below:


Bowflex M9 Console


The Bowflex Max Total 16 steps it up and comes with a larger 16-inch screen that you can see below:



So it’s obviously a lot more fun to watch the larger screen on the Max Total 16 model. The larger screen can also give you a more immersive, enjoyable workout experience with the world trails or studio workouts.

Note that both screens are adjustable so you can find the best viewing angle for you.


Max Total 16 Console



Max Total 16 vs M9: Upper Body Grips

Both trainers come with multiple-position grip, moving arm bars. The Max M9 has the standard 4-position handlebars:


Bowflex Max M9


The Max Trainer Total 16 has upgraded handlebars that give you 6 arm position possibilites:



These extra positions are closer to the body than the standard handlebars – which makes it great for shorter users who may not want to stretch as much to reach the top handlebars.




Bowflex Max Total vs M9: Pedals

Both trainers come with oversized, textured pedals that let you place your feet in the most comfortable position for you. (You also can work different muscle groups by placing your feet at the front and then at the back of the pedals).

However the Max Total 16 comes with upgraded footpedals with a cleaner design:


Bowflex Max Total 16


The Max M9 comes with oversized, textured pedals as well – but just not as sleek-looking.


Bowflex Max M9



Max Total vs M9: Dual vs Single Rail Design

This is an important design difference and most buyers can miss it.

The Max Total 16 comes with a dual-rail design. This gives you maximum stability and an extra-smooth feel. It also means the machine can hold up a bit better to frequent or intense use.

The Max M9 comes with the standard single rail design.

If you look at the two pedal pictures above you can see the difference between the single rail design on the Max M9 and the dual rail design on the Max Total 16.

Basically this means the Max Total is built to a higher standard and can hold up a bit better in the long run.


Bowflex Max Total 16



Bowflex Max M9 vs Max Total 16: Weight

There’s also a slight weight difference here. The M9 comes in at 148.8 pounds and the Max Total 16 comes in at 155.4 pounds.

This isn’t a deal breaker. It’s probably mostly due to the larger console on the Max Total 16. But it might be important to you if you want a lighter machine to move around occasionally.



Bottom Line?

So what’s the bottom line when comparing the Bowflex Max Total vs M9 trainers?

Each one has it’s benefits.

The M9 comes in at a more affordable price. And it still gives you everything you need for an effective, fun workout like 20 resistance levels, streaming programs and 4-position arm bars.

The Max Total is a bit more luxury-added – with a larger screen, upgraded pedals and a sturdier dual-rail design.

So it really comes down to what you’re looking for at the end of the day.

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