Bowflex Max Total 16 Review – How Does It Rate?

Bowflex Max Total 16






Stride Options


Entertainment Options


Fitness Options



  • Large, Full-Color, Touch-Screen Console
  • Stream Workouts Through JRNY or Watch Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ Shows
  • Double-Wheel-Track Design for Improved Stability
  • Upgraded Multi-Position Arms
  • Burn More Calories in Less Time Than A Standard Elliptical
  • Virtual Coaching and Individualized Workouts
  • More Compact Than Standard Ellipticals


  • Lower Body Motion is Not a Standard "Elliptical Motion"
  • You Can't Pedal Backwards

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Bowflex Max Total 16 Review – Highlights:


The Bowflex Total 16 is the new Max Total model – replacing the older (discontinued) Max Total model with a larger, more impressive 16-inch screen.

It not only gives you the main benefit of Max Training (higher calorie burn in minimum time) – but it also gives you a more immersive, enjoyable training experience.



The console is a full-color touch-screen with an internet connection and Bluetooth.

You can see your workout stats with a swipe of your finger. Plus you can also connect to your Netflix, Amazon Video or Hulu accounts and stream videos as you workout through the JRNY app. This is something that you don’t get with a lot of other elliptical brands.

With Bowflex JRNY you can also stream trainer-let workouts and get personalized workout coaching to your machine.

Compared to other models, the Max Total also gives you upgraded arm bars with multiple positions, a double-track design for more stability, and upgraded quick-resistance control.




Benefits of the Max Trainer:

The Max trainer itself is not exactly an elliptical trainer. It’s easy to get confused because Bowflex technically defines it as an elliptical.

But it’s more like a combination elliptical-stair stepper.

You stand on it and move your feet up and down in a climbing motion – like a traditional stair stepper.

However, you work your upper body similarly to an elliptical with the elliptical forward and back arms. According to Bowflex, this motion – along with the special HIIT training workouts – was specifically designed to help you burn more calories in less time.


bowflex max trainer m5 calories


In fact, according to tests done by Bowflex you can burn up to 2.5 times more calories than standard fitness equipment like an elliptical, stair stepper or treadmill.

Some trial Max Trainer users even burned up to 600 calories in 30 minutes – which is pretty amazing.


bowflex max m8 review
Bowflex Max Trainer


Tests also showed that the Max Trainer gives you 80% more upper body activation and engages more core and lower body engaged than ellipticals.

The Bowflex Max Total 16 includes several HIIT workouts in this machine – ranging from 4 minutes up to 30 minutes.

So you can get an effective workout even if you’re on a time crunch for that day.




Bowflex Max Total 16 Review: Console

The console is extra large at 16 inches across and touch-screen with Wifi connectivity.

You can connect with Bowflex JRNY (their online streaming service) and stream on-demand, trainer-led workouts (more on JRNY below)

Another popular feature is that you can connect with your personal Netflix, Amazon, Hulu or Disney plus accounts through JRNY and watch your favorite shows or movies as you workout.

There’s so much to do on this console that you’ll never run out of things to watch or try.

Another nice touch is the shelf in front of the console that can hold your phone (or remote) as you workout.




Take Classes or Travel the World with Bowflex JRNY

JRNY is an add-on subscription option that opens up a whole new world of options (there’s also a free version you can use with more limited options).

For example, you can get customized, individual workouts tailored specifically to your fitness level and goals.

Then as time goes on and your fitness level improves, JRNY learns and changes these workouts to help you continue moving forward, reaching new fitness heights.

You can also access a huge library of trainer-led video workouts to try on your machine.


elliptical trends 2019
Max Intelligence Video Workouts


It’s also very easy to track your workouts over time, see how far you’ve come, set new goals and even earn rewards. So if you need more motivation in your workouts, this is a fantastic way to get it.

You can also run famous world trails from the comfort of your own home and watch the scenery pass you by in the console screen.




Upgraded Design

It’s not just about the frills on this machine though – Bowflex has also made it stronger and more stable with some upgraded design extras.

For example you get a double-track design. This means there are two tracks per pedal – giving you a more stable, smooth feel to the motion.

The handlebars are also upgraded on this trainer – with even more positions than the other models. So you have more ways to train your upper body.



Another cool feature is the upgraded resistance control. Instead of scrolling through resistance buttons on the console, you can quickly change resistance with a simple turn of the illuminated dial in front of the console.

This makes it easy if you want to change your resistance quicktly (like with HIIT workouts, for example).




Bowflex Max Total 16 – More Benefits

The Bowflex Max Total 16 also has the benefit of being more compact than other fitness equipment. It has a footprint of only 49.3 x 30.8 inches-  which is smaller than a lot of other ellipticals or treadmills.

So if you’re in a condo or apartment – or you have a smaller workout area it’s a great option.




Any Drawbacks?

The Max Trainer 16 is not an elliptical (although many people – probably because of the marketing – think that it is). It’s more of a stair-stepping motion. You move up and down on the machine like a stair climber. You can’t pedal backwards.

So the motion may take some getting used to if you’ve been training on an elliptical trainer for a while.

Also, while you don’t need the paid version of JRNY (you can use the free version), you do need it to watch your Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and Disney plus shows.


Where to Buy and Save:

This model is fairly new and can be hard to find in stores. However you can buy it direct from the Manufacturer and get some extra bonus gifts included (as of this writing).

You’ll get the Free 12-month JRNY subscription as well as Free Shipping.


Click Here To Save on the Max 16 Total



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