Bowflex Max Alternative? 3 Great Alternatives to the Max Trainer!

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Looking for a good alternative to the Bowflex Max trainer?

In order to find a decent alternative, we have to look at why the Max Trainer is so popular in the first place.


bowflex max vs proform hiit
Bowflex Max Trainer


The Bowflex Max Trainer came out around 7 years ago and offered a brand new take on the traditional elliptical – but with a few major advantages.

First of all, according to Bowflex testing, you could burn up to 2.5 times more calories on the Max Trainer vs other fitness equipment like the elliptical trainer.

You could also engage and use more core and upper body muscles – for a more effective workout.


bowflex max m8 review


Secondly it was more compact than a traditional elliptical trainer – making it great for smaller workout areas like condos or apartments.

Lastly it came with built-in HIIT workouts. Especially popular was the 14-minute HIIT workout. So you could get a complete, high-calorie-burning workout on one of these machines in less time than a regular workout.

So are there any other machines that give us these benefits (or similar benefits) that would serve as a good alternative to the Bowflex Max?

Yes – there are.



This post will cover a couple of your options, how they differ from the Max Trainer and where to find them.

So let’s dive in:


Bowflex Max Alternative – 3 Options To Consider


#1 Proform HIIT Trainer

This is my favorite Bowflex Max alternative – because it’s probably the closest in design, layout and benefits to the Max Trainer.

Similar to the Max, you get an up-and-down lower body motion combined with elliptical-style upper body arms.


best elliptical trainer reviews
Proform HIIT Trainer


However there is a difference.

The Max Trainer is more of a stepper motion (up-and-down). The HIIT trainer is more of a vertical elliptical.

So it’s more like a climbing motion (up-over-down). There is some horizontal movement to the lower body motion.

Some people actually like this better than the Max Trainer motion since it feels more like an elliptical-climbing-motion rather than a stair-stepper motion.

However, just like the Max Trainer, you’re still engaging more lower body muscles with the vertical motion – which is going to help you burn more calories than a standard elliptical trainer.

Here’s a quick video view of the lower body motion on this machine:



The Proform HIIT is also more compact than a standard elliptical (similar to the Max Trainer), making it great for smaller workout areas.

There are currently 2 Proform HIIT models – the H7 and H14 trainer Pro. They start around $1299 – $1699 with Free Shipping here. That makes them a more affordable alternative to the Bowflex Max (which runs from $1499 – $2499).

Another benefit?

Both Proform HIIT trainers come iFit compatible. With iFit you can run or climb trails all over the world, track your workout progress and even take fitness classes from your console. So it’s a very cool option that can make your workouts a lot more fun.


proform vs nordictrack elliptical
Proform HIIT Trainer Pro with iFit


Overall, if you’re looking for a very similar – but slightly more affordable alternative to the Bowflex Max, this is one of your best options.


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proform hiit trainer vs hiit trainer pro



#2 Horizon Peak Trainer

The Peak Trainer is Horizon’s answer to the Bowflex Max. Like the Proform HIIT trainer, it gives you a vertical climbing motion with upper body elliptical-style arms.

It’s also more compact than a standard elliptical with a footprint of around 46.5 inches x 28 inches.


Horizon Peak Trainer


The Peak Trainer also gives you several built-in HIIT workouts (called Sprint 8 workouts) – so you can get more done in less time.

And starting around $999 with Free Shipping here, it’s also pretty attractive price-wise.

There are a few drawbacks to this machine however you should know.

First, it doesn’t have as many resistance levels as the Proform HIIT (10 vs 26). So you might easily top out at the highest resistance on this machine and have nowhere to go.


Horizon Peak Trainer Console


Secondly the warranty is much shorter (especially 90 days on labor – which is a bit of a red flag).

Finally the console is a bit smaller and harder to read than the Proform HIIT. It’s not as well laid out and a bit clumsy-looking.

Still, if you like the Horizon name and want a decent alternative to the Max Trainer, it’s an option to consider.


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#3 Buy A Special Discount Max Trainer

If you like the Max but just want to get a major discount – there are options here as well.

For example, if you check out the main Manufacturer’s page here and scroll down to the “Last Chance” sale section, you can sometimes find that they’re selling older models (like the M7 or M5) at a discount.


best new elliptical 2019


You’ll still get the benefits of a Max Trainer – but the model is a bit older and it won’t come with the option to add Max Intelligence (which is an option with the M6, M8 and Max Total models).

If you don’t really care about having Max Intelligence and just want to save money on one of these machines, then this is a fantastic option.

You can also check out any Early Bird sales they’re having (which tend to change weekly). You can probably find some great discounts there as well.


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So those are some options for Bowflex Max Trainer alternatives. Hopefully you found them useful.

Whatever you choose to do, remember to check the Manufacturer’s full specs before you buy, listen to your body when working out and only do what you can!


proform hiit vs elliptical trainer comparison


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