Bowflex LX5 Lateral X Elliptical Review

Bowflex LX5 Lateral X






Stride Options


Entertainment Options


Fitness Options



  • Adds a Lateral, Side-To-Side Motion
  • Lateral Range is Adjustable
  • More Closely Mimics Your Day-to-Day Movement Than a Normal Elliptical
  • Burn up to 39% More Calories
  • Bluetooth Compatible
  • 30 Free Full-Length Workout Videos Included
  • Upgraded Hand Grips
  • Upgraded Footpedals


  • Motion May Feel Odd at First

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Bowflex LX5 Lateral X Elliptical – Highlights:


The Bowflex Lateral X LX5 is the premium model in the new Bowflex Lateral X elliptical series – a step above the LX3 model with several upgraded features.

Lateral X elliptical trainers add something completely new to your workout – lateral, side-to-side movement.


bowflex lx5 lateral x elliptical review
Bowflex LX5 Lateral X Elliptical


You can go forward and back, up and down like a standard elliptical trainer – but you can also move side to side as well.

This side-to-side movement gives you a whole new range of motions you can use to train. You can push, pull, stand and squat with this lateral motion.

Plus this type of 3-D movement is much closer to the type of movement you do in everyday life – making your workout a lot more effective.



One of the best things about the Bowflex LX5 Lateral X is that the side-to-side motion is adjustable – unlike the LX3 model where it is fixed.

This is sort of like having an adjustable stride vs a set stride length on a regular elliptical. But in this case it applies to the lateral, side-to-side motion that you get. So you get more lateral options on this trainer than the LX3 model.



Burn up to 39% More Calories

Because you’re moving in 3 dimensions, you’re activating more muscle groups on this trainer – which naturally burns more calories.


bowflex lateral x LX5 reiew


According to a University Caloric study done on the Bowflex Lateral X, in as little as 16 minutes you can burn up to 39% more calories than a self-paced elliptical workout!

So if you want to see toning or weight-loss results faster than on a standard elliptical trainer, this is one machine to consider.



Bowflex LX5 Console:

The console is a 7.5 inch LCD backlit display so it’s easy to read. It shows all of your workout information like calories burned, time, workout program setting, heart rate and more.


bowflex LX5 review
Bowflex LX5 Lateral X Console


You also get 10 built-in workouts programs and can add extra challenge with 10 resistance levels.

There are also hand grip sensors in front of the console to monitor your heart rate.

And if you want to watch your favorite movies or Youtube videos as you workout – there’s a handy media rack above the main console window to hold your tablet.



Upgraded Handlebars

You also get upgraded, curved handlebars on this trainer (vs the standard straight handlebars on the LX3 model).

These give you 4 different arm positions from which to train your upper body (vs 2 positions on the LX3 model).


bowflex LX5 lateral x elliptical review
Bowflex LX5 Handlebars



Better Crosstraining for Athletes & Rehab Patients

Because this motion more closely mimics the motions you do in everyday life it’s great for both high performance athletic training or for rehab patients.

Rehab patients can go at their own pace and really focus on the specific areas they need to train and strengthen.

High performance athletes will get a superior level of training that can keep them working at a higher fitness level than they would on a classic elliptical trainer.


Bowflex LX5 elliptical review
Bowflex LX5 Footpedals



Upgraded Pedals

The Bowflex LX5 also comes with upgraded pedals (vs the LX3 model which comes with standard pedals). These are a little more sleek with a top brace that you don’t get with the LX3.



Free Bowflex 12-Week Workout Plan

You get a FREE Bowflex 12-Week Workout Plan  included with the Bowflex LX5 Lateral X elliptical.

Designed for beginners up to advanced athletes, this 12 Week Workout Plan comes with 30 full-length workout videos included.

You’ll watch as personal trainers guide you with high enery classes like “LateralX Basics” and “LateralX Athletic Conditioning”. You also get several cross-functional training videos as well like yoga and optional dumbbell strength training.


bowflex lateralx elliptical app



Free Wireless Heart Rate Monitor

You can monitor your heart rate in two ways on this trainer – by using the hand grip sensors that are out front of the console. You also get a free wireless chest strap included with the LX5.

A lot of people prefer the wireless chest strap since it tends to be more accurate. Plus it’s a lot more convenient than having to continually grasp the stationary EKG grip sensors to get a reading (which means you’re not training your upper body).



Bowflex LX5 – Online Tracking

Need some motivation? You can easily use the free Bowflex Lateral X app with the LX5 machine to keep track of your workouts, set new goals and record your personal bests!



Anything Else You Should Know?

We looked really hard for a “downside” to this trainer. But it’s actually pretty difficult to find one. Some people may not be used to the lateral motion and that might take some getting used to at first.

If you don’t have a tablet (and you’d like one), you can always upgrade to the Bowflex LateralX LX5 Performance model.

It’s basically the same machine as the LX5 – but it comes with a Samsung tablet pre-loaded with Bowflex workouts, Free Shipping and a Free equipment mat.



Where to Buy and Save:

Since the Bowflex LX5 is new to the market, it can be hard to find. You can get it direct through the Manufacturer here. You can also read the latest reviews, see the full specs and watch a video on how it works.


Click Here To Save on the Bowflex LX5 Elliptical



bowflex lx5 lateral x elliptical review
Bowflex LX5 Lateral X Elliptical




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  • December 7, 2021 at 10:57 PM

    I really like the BowFlex LX5 Elliptical Trainer. However, I noticed that neither nor BowFlex themselves sell this product. Why?

    • December 20, 2021 at 6:13 PM

      Hi Ed, Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately Bowflex no longer sells this product. It looks like it’s been discontinued for now, which is a shame since it was such a unique elliptical. You might have some luck in the second-hand market.


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