Bowflex LX3 vs LX5 Lateral X Elliptical Comparison – Which is Best For You?

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bowflex lx3 vs lx5 lateral x comparisonTrying to decide between the Bowflex LX3 vs LX5 Lateral X elliptical trainers?

These are two really unique ellipticals that give you something most crosstrainers don’t:


Lateral, Side-to-Side Motion


So in addition to your regular front and back, up and down elliptical motion, you can also move side to side.

The advantage is that this more closely mimics the way your body actually moves in everyday life.

Both the LX3 and the LX5 offer side-to-side motion as well as Bluetooth Capability, free online tracking with the Bowflex app and a Free 12 week workout plan complete with 30 full-length workout videos included.

They are also about the same size each measuring approximately 63.2″ L x 53.6″ W x 46.4″ H.


bowflex lx3 vs lx5 elliptical


So how are they different? And which is best for you?

Let’s dive in and take a look at the key differences between the Bowflex LX3 and the LX5 trainers:


Bowflex LX3 vs LX5 Lateral X Comparison:


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Bowflex LX3 vs LX5 – Console

Both consoles are backlit and easy-to-ready. They both give you similar feedback like calories, time, workout program, heart rate etc. However there are some key differences you should know.

The Bowflex LX3 Lateral X console is bright blue as seen below:


Bowflex LX3 Lateral X Console



And here’s the Bowflex LX5 Lateral X console:


Bowflex LX5 Lateral X Console


As you can see the LX5 is a darker color. It also has a built-in fan that you don’t get with the LX3 model which can help you stay cool through longer workouts.

Since the LX5 has the adjustable lateral motion (see below), there are also controls for this that you don’t get on the LX3 model.

Also note that the console on the LX3 model will save the information for 2 different users whereas the console on the LX5 model will save the information for 4 different users. This makes the LX5 trainer a bit better for families.

While both trainers come with a shelf above the console window to hold your tablet, note that the Bowflex LX5 has upgraded speakers over the LX3.


Bowflex LX3 Lateral X Elliptical



Bowflex LX3 vs LX5 – Side To Side Motion

While both Lateral X ellipticals give you side-to-side motion, the LX3 is a fixed lateral range whereas the LX5 is an adjustable lateral range.

This is kind of like having a fixed stride vs an adjustable stride on your trainer – it just applies to the side-to-side motion. So you get  a larger range of lateral motion options on the LX5 trainer.


Bowflex LX5 Lateral X Elliptical



Bowflex LX3 vs LX5 – Resistance

The Bowflex LX3 gives you 8 different levels of resistance to add some extra challenge to your workout. The Bowflex LX5 steps it up to 10 different levels of resistance.

While this isn’t a huge difference it does mean there’s a bit more room to grow (as your fitness level improves over time) with the Bowflex LX5.



Bowflex LX3 Handlebars



Bowflex LX3 vs LX5 – Handlebars

With the Bowflex LX3 Lateral X you get standard straight handlebars. These give you 2 different arm positions to train your upper body.

The LX5 model steps it up to upgraded curved handlebars. These give you 4 different arm positions you can choose from from upper body training.


Bowflex LX5 Handlebars



Bowflex LX3 vs LX5 – Heart Rate

Both machines give EKG heart rate sensors on the stationary handlebars out in front of the console to keep track of your heart rate. But the LX5 also gives you a wireless heart rate chest strap as well.

Many people prefer the wireless heart rate monitor. Using it for a heart rate reading is a lot more convenient than having to continually grasp the stationary handlebars (and stopping your upper body workout).



Bowflex LX5 Footpedals



Bowflex LX3 vs LX5 – Other Differences

You get a few more built-in workouts with the LX5 as well – 10 vs 7 on the Bowflex LX3 model.

Also note that you get upgraded footpedals on the LX5 model as well. These look a little sleeker with a top brace that you don’t get on the LX3 footpedals.

Finally the warranty on the LX5 is 3 years (vs 1 year on the LX3). So you also get longer warranty protection on your investment on the LX5 model.


bowflex lx3 vs lx5 lateral x comparison

So Which is Best For You?

So those are the main differences between the Bowflex LX3 vs LX5 Lateral X Trainers. Which is best for you? 

On the one hand the Bowflex LX3 gives you everything you need for a great workout – including the high-calorie-burning side-to-side motion. Plus it’s also more affordable than the LX5.

On the other hand the Bowflex LX5 gives you perks you don’t get with the LX3 like adjustable side-to-side motion, upgraded handlebars and footpedals, wireless heart rate monitor and more resistance levels.

So it really comes down to what you want.

The good news?

No matter which you choose, you can get a Free Promo Code to save on your purchase of ANY Bowflex Lateral X elliptical by using the link below.


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bowflex lx3 vs lx5 elliptical




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