Best New Elliptical Trends for 2019 – See What’s New!

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new elliptical trends 2019Wondering what’s new for elliptical trainers in 2019?

The great news is that elliptical machines are getting better and better every year!

Gone are the days of a dull, boring elliptical trainer with a simple, drab LED console.

Today’s models can help you crosstrain more effectively, burn more calories in less time and even be entertained while doing it!

So without further ado, here are the best new elliptical trends for 2019 – and what they mean for you!


Best New Elliptical Trends for 2019:


#1 Non-Traditional Motions

Sure you can get a standard elliptical trainer that locks you into one set motion – forward and back.

But why would you – when you can get a machine like the Bowflex Lateral X that gives you forward and back motion – along with side-to-side lateral motion as well?


new elliptical 2019
Bowflex Lateral X Motion


The Bowflex Lateral X trainer brings something completely new to the market. You can move in 3 dimensions instead of 2 as you would with a standard elliptical trainer.

The side-to-side motion is excellent for crosstraining as well since it more closely mimics the way you actually move in real-life situations.


new elliptical trainer for 2019


There are 2 different Lateral X models right now. You can get a Free Coupon code and compare them direct at the Manufacturer here.


lateral x vs freestrider elliptical comparison
Bowflex Lateral X Elliptical


Bowflex isn’t the only brand that has trainers with non-traditional motions. Nordictrack also has their famous Freestrider elliptical trainers.

These are a bit different from the Lateral X – there is no side-to-side motion. However they do come with a completely adaptable, adjustable stride.


best new elliptical 2018
Nordictrack Freestrider


So compared to a traditional trainer that locks you into one set stride length, you can vary your stride length on these machines to a stride that suits you.

You can also use this adaptable stride to do different motions on your elliptical like:

  • stair-climbing short strides
  • longer jogging strides
  • even longer running or hurdling type strides


best new elliptical trainer



This ability to constantly change up your stride opens up a new world of crosstraining options and again, gives you a much more effective crosstraining workout.

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#2 HIIT Training for Better Calorie-Burning

HIIT training or high-intensity-interval training started becoming popular a couple of years ago.

The trend just keeps getting stronger as more and more studies reveal that this is one of the best ways to burn calories both during – and even after your workouts.

Elliptical manufacturers have noticed this and are starting to design more HIIT training workouts into their machines.


best elliptical trainer reviews
Proform HIIT Trainer PRO


For example, you have the uber-popular Proform HIIT Trainer PRO that is perfect for high-intensity exercise followed by slower, recovery workouts.

It also includes special HIIT workouts with iFit Coach included with your machine.

Matrix and several Horizon models also come with their own HIIT training program called Sprint 8. This is a special program that guides you into 8 different high-intensity training intervals designed to maximize fat-burning.

And Bowflex has their Max Trainer series that are also specially designed for HIIT workouts. These also include some ultra-short HIIT workouts (like 14 minutes!) designed to get you burning maximum calories in minimum time.


best new elliptical trainer 2019
Bowflex Max HIIT Training


Max Trainer machines are also well known for helping people shed weight super-fast and they have a boatload of before-and-after success stories to prove it.

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bowflex max trainer vs proform hiit trainer
Before and After – Bowflex Max Weight Loss




#3 Virtual-Reality Style Training

This is an area that has exploded over the past year and is just gearing up for the 2019 season.

The most impressive virtual reality-style training right now is iFit Coach – found on many Nordictrack and some Proform elliptical trainers.


ifit coach
iFit Coach on the Nordictrack Elliptical


iFit Coach connects your machine to the Internet using the Wifi in your home. From there you can do all sorts of amazing things like track your workouts over time, set new goals or get personalized workouts sent to your machine

The best part?

You can run trails all over the world – from Paris to the Swiss Alps. While you’re running you see the actual terrain through your console screen (or tablet) in full, HD color.


Nordictrack Freestrider with iFit Coach


Don’t want to run alone?

No problem – you can also choose workouts where a personal trainer leads you through the workout, coaching you and pointing out various landmarks along the way.

The iFit Coach library has over 12,000 different workouts to choose from – and it’s still growing.


iFit Workout


While iFit Coach is a subscription-based service, as of this writing, you can currently get a Free 1 year membership to iFit Coach with several of their more popular Nordictrack Elliptical trainers.

Click Here for a List of Nordictrack Elliptical Trainers with iFit


Another brand that’s not far behind is the Bowflex Max Trainer. They have recently introduced their Bowflex Max Intelligence feature to the Max Trainer series (M6 and M8 models only).


bowflex max new models
Bowflex Max Intelligence


Max Intelligence will be introducing virtual trails in the 2019 year. You can also choose from a library of personal-trainer led workouts and watch them on your tablet.

You can also use Max Intelligence to get personalized, customized workouts sent directly to your machine.

However note that you’ll need your own tablet to connect with Max Intelligence in order to get all of the features it offers.

Click Here for More on Bowflex Max Intelligence.


best new elliptical 2019
Bowflex Max


So those are 3 of the best new elliptical trends for the 2019 year- they can help you go further, faster and stay entertained while doing it!

If you’re looking for the best elliptical for the money, these trends and the suggested elliptical trainers are a great place to start!


best new elliptical 2019




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