Best Elliptical for Weight Loss? 3 Options that Give You More!

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What’s the Best Elliptical for Weight Loss?


best elliptical for weight lossWant to find an elliptical trainer that can help you lose weight faster and easier than other machines?

You came to the right place!

There are 2 ways to burn more calories from your elliptical workout and get faster results:

#1 Work Out Longer

#2 Use More Muscle Groups – (Preferably Lower Body)

If you can find an elliptical trainer designed to do either one of these things – or even BOTH, you’ll have an elliptical trainer that can give you faster weight loss in record time.

The following elliptical trainers are designed specifically to do just that.

They can either help you stay on it longer by providing entertainment, proper, more comfortable body mechanics or other fun distractions.

Or they will use more muscle groups for faster calorie burning in less time.

If you’re looking for the best elliptical for weight loss this year – these trainers are worth a look.

So let’s dive in:


Best Elliptical for Weight Loss:



#1 Bowflex LateralX LX5

The Bowflex LX5 is an ultra-cool twist on the standard elliptical trainer. You can go forward and back like a regular elliptical – but you can also move side-to-side as well!


best elliptical for runners
Bowflex Lateral X LX5


There are 3 directions of movement on this elliptical – which opens up an entirely new set of training options for you.

You can push, pull, stand and squat as you glide back and forth side-to-side. By doing these lateral movements you actually can target areas and muscle groups that you can’t get to on a regular elliptical.


best elliptical for running
Bowflex Lateral X Motion


You’ll basically be activating more muscle groups on this machine – and thus burning more calories.

In fact, according to Bowflex tests, you can burn an average of 39% more calories doing a guided workout on the LX5 than doing a self-paced elliptical workout.


nordictrack or bowflex elliptical


While there are 2 different LateralX trainers – the LX3 and the LX5, I personally like the LX5 because it gives you an adjustable side-to-side range (vs a fixed side-to-side movement on the LX3). So you have more ways to crosstrain.

So basically you get more ways to move and use more lower body muscles on this trainer. This is naturally going to help you burn calories, making the LX5 one of the best elliptical trainers for weight loss right now.


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max trainer vs lateral x
Bowflex Lateral X LX5



#2 Nordictrack Freestrider

The Nordictrack Freestrider (or Freestride Trainer) is a unique type of elliptical trainer.

While most standard ellipticals, lock you into one set stride and running path, the Freestrider lets you choose your own stride path.


FS5i Freestride trainer with ifit
Freestride Trainer Motion


You can choose to do short, up-and-down strides like a stair climber, longer jogging strides like an elliptical or even longer running strides like a treadmill.

You can constantly change up your stride and use different lower body muscle groups. This is a great way to see faster results since your body won’t adapt to one set stride (and slow your calorie burning).

By constantly challenging yourself, you not only make your workouts more interesting, but you also force your body to burn more calories.


Nordictrack freestrider vs elliptical trainer
Freestrider Elliptical


Nordictrack currently has 3 different Freestride models to choose from – you can compare them all here. They mainly vary by the size of the flywheel and the console features.

However all of them also give you another way to lose weight faster – they all work with iFit Coach.

With iFit you can stream on-demand elliptical fitness classes to your console. So if you need that extra challenge to motivate you to work harder and burn more calories this is a great way to do it.



With iFit you can also run trails all over the world – from the streets of Paris to the shores of Hawaii.

This is another fun feature that can make workouts more fun – and keep you on your elliptical for longer, thus burning more calories.

If you’re looking for a more effective workout with an adjustable stride elliptical, the Freestrider is a great elliptical to consider.


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best new elliptical 2018
Nordictrack Freestrider



#3 Bowflex Max Trainer

While the Max Trainer isn’t necessarily a standard elliptical (it’s more like a hybrid elliptical-stair-climber), it does have some unique benefits – including helping you burn calories ultra-fast.

It does this by using more lower and upper body muscle groups than a standard treadmill.


best elliptical for small spacers
Bowflex Max Trainer


According to tests done by Bowflex, you can burn up to 2.5 times more calories on this machine than a regular elliptical trainer. Some trial users even burned up to 600 calories in a half hou

Another way the Max Trainer helps you burn calories? HIIT Training.

HIIT Training – or high intensity interval training is all the rage these days at it has been found that doing short, high-intensity intervals followed by longer, less intense “cool down” intervals actually helps you burn more calories both during – and after your workout.

Bowflex currently makes 4 different Max Trainer models varying to consoles, entertainment features etc. But they all give you at least a few built-in HIIT workouts to challenge you.


max trainer vs proform hiit


And the M6, M8 and Max Total models also work with Bowflex JRNY which gives you customize workouts based on your personal fitness level. This can take your training to the next level and help you burn even more calories.

You can also watch trainer-led workout videos on your tablet with Bowflex JRNY for even more workout challenge.

Bowflex JRNY


While it’s not necessarily a “traditional” elliptical motion, if you want something a bit different that can give you super-fast results, the Max Trainer might be worth a look.


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bowflex max trainer m8 vs Max Total
Bowflex Max Trainer


So those are 3 ellipticals to consider if you’re looking for the best elliptical for weight loss. They all give you something more than a traditional elliptical and they can help you get a more effective, enjoyable workout.

So you know any other ellipticals that are great for weight loss? Leave your comments below!


best elliptical for low ceillings


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