What is Bowflex JRNY?

Bowflex JRNY


Bowflex has introduced something “new” this year to their Max Trainers and their Treadmills.

They call it Bowflex JRNY (probably short for “Journey”)

It’s actually an update of the former Max Intelligence that has been on the Max Trainer M6, M8 and Max Total models for the past year.

But since they changed the name, a lot of people are confused – “Is JRNY different than Max Intelligence? Is it the same? Are there 2 different apps here?”

Not to worry.

This post will help sort out what you need to know about the newly updated Bowflex JRNY.



What is Bowflex JRNY?

First of all, JRNY is the same as Max Intelligence. It’s just an upgraded version of the older Max Intelligence app – with a new name.

This is probably to reflect the fact that Bowflex will be adding it to other machines (not just the Max) in the future. They recently added it to their BXT116 and BXT216 treadmills – so the other machines are probably next.

JRNY is basically an app that you can pair with certain Bowflex Machines to take your training to a new level.


Click Here To See Which Max Trainers Offer JRNY



Two Different Versions

You can download the app for free just like any app and have it on your phone or tablet. There are 2 different versions of the app – the free version and the paid monthly subscription version.


Bowflex JRNY

This is pretty cool – since you can try out the free version for a while and sample some of the features – then upgrade to the paid version if you want the more premium features.



Will the Max Trainer Work Without the JRNY app?

Yes, it will. The treadmills will work normally too without the app.

You don’t need the JRNY app – it’s just an optional feature IF you want it.



What Do I Get With the Free Version?

The free version of this app gives you several pre-programmed HIIT workouts to try as well as a few trainer-led workout videos.

You can also take the initial fitness assessment and track your workout stats in real time.


bowflex max new models
Bowflex JRNY


What Do I Get with the Paid Version?

You get several upgrades with the paid version:


#1 Dynamic Coaching

The Max speaks directly to you, coaching and motivating you through your personalized workouts.


#2 Customized Workouts

The machine and app work together to do an initial fitness assessment for you. JRNY then sends you personalized workouts every day designed specially for your unique fitness level.


bowflex max trainer vs proform hiit comparison
JRNY on the Max M8


These workouts are tailor-made for you and the app is always adapting to your current fitness level – with updated workouts as you improve.

So it’s like having a personal trainer constantly assessing your progress – then helping you go further with every workout.


#3 Premium Video Workouts

You get a lot more trainer-led Max workout videos with the subscription service – and Bowflex will be adding more in the future.

(Note – video workouts are not yet available for the Bowflex Treadmills).


#4 Bowflex Radio

Play your favorite style of workout music through the app for some workout motivation.


elliptical trends 2019
Max Intelligence Video Workouts


#5 Explore the World

Tour dozens of real-world maps that automatically adjust to your speed. While this is a fairly new feature, it’s pretty cool to be able to run trails all over the world. And according to Bowflex, this will also be expanded over time.



How Much is the Paid Subscription?

As of this writing, it’s $19.99 per month. You can cancel at any time by going online to your account, calling Bowflex or sending an email.

How Can I See It In Action?

You can go directly to the Bowflex Max site here. You’ll see a video of how it looks in action. Plus you can also compare the JRNY app across different Max Trainers in one place (scroll down for this).


Click Here to Learn More about JRNY


Bowflex JRNY


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