Proform HIIT H14 Elliptical Trainer – Right for You?

Proform H14 HIIT Trainer






Stride Options


Entertainment Options


Fitness Options



  • Vertical, Climbing Motion Burns More Calories in Less Time
  • Extra-Large, 14-inch, HD Screen
  • Stream In-Studio Workouts with iFit
  • Run Trails Around the World with iFit
  • Heavy 30-Pound Flywheel Adds Stability
  • Compact - Takes up Less Space Than a Regular Elliptical


  • Not a Regular Running Elliptical Motion

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Proform HIIT Trainer H14 Review – Highlights:


The Proform H14 HIIT Trainer is a brand new, upgraded HIIT elliptical for this year. And it’s pretty impressive.

Proform has made this model heavier and more solid than past models with a massive 30-pound flywheel, upgraded handlebars and sturdier footpedals.


Proform HIIT trainer H14 Review
Proform HIIT H14 Elliptical

Another bonus?

You get the largest full-color, HD, touch-screen console the Proform puts on their HIIT trainer ellipticals – a full 14-inches! This can really make your workouts come alive.

But before we get to that, we should cover what exactly the Proform HIIT trainer is – since it can be confusing for people who haven’t tried the motion before.

First of all, while it may look like a stepper-elliptical hybrid, it’s actually more of a vertical elliptical trainer.  Here’s a quick look at the motion:



You get a 10-inch vertical and 5-inch horizontal elliptical path with this trainer. So it’s kind of like a climbing elliptical (vs a flat-plane running elliptical).

The advantage to this?

Because you’re climbing instead of running, you’re engaging more muscles and burning more calories in less time.

And because you’re also doing HIIT workouts (or High Intensity Interval Training workouts), this increases your calorie-burn even more.

So you can (in theory at least) get a more effective workout and see much faster results with this machine than a regular elliptical trainer.


Proform H14 HIIT Trainer Console


Proform H14 Review – The Console:


The console on this trainer is the largest that Proform puts on their HIIT models – a full 14-inches across.

It’s also touch-screen sensitive and connects directly to iFit (Proform’s streaming service) using the wireless in your home.


Proform H14 Console


This makes it much more enjoyable to read your fitness stats as you workout.

Plus, if you use it to connect to iFit Coach, you can run trails all over the world for a more virtual reality style training experience.

The larger console screen really gives you the most immersive streaming experience you can get and can make your workouts a lot more fun. (more on iFit below)

You’ll also find a dual-speed cooling fan as well as a music port with speakers. So you can connect your iPhone or other devices and play your workout mix through the console speakers if you wish.


iFit In-Studio Workout


Explore the World with iFit

iFit is Proform’s streaming online service and it opens up a whole new world of options for you.

For example, you can stream a new in-studio fitness class to your machine every day. The class instructor can even control your resistance for you as you move through the class (you can override this if you wish).

Or choose from thousands of around-the-globe workouts and explore the streets of Paris, the temples of Thailand or the shores of Hawaii.

You can take a guided tour with a coach who leads you through the workout, motivating you and pointing out interesting landmarks along the way.

There are also specifically designed iFit HIIT workouts for this trainer to get you maximum results.


Proform HIIT Trainer H14 REview
HIIT Workout

The best part?

While iFit Coach is usually a monthly subscription service, if you get the Proform H14 through the manufacturer, you can get a 1-year iFit membership included with the machine.

So you can try it out for the full year at no cost to see if you like it! (You don’t need iFit to use this trainer – it’s an add-on service).


Click to Get iFit WIth the Proform H14 Trainer




Proform H14 HIIT Elliptical – More Benefits:

The Proform HIIT Trainer H14 also gives you 26 resistance levels – several more than the standard model.

So there’s a bit more room to grow with this machine. You won’t top out as easily at the highest resistance and have nowhere to go.


proform hiit trainer pro review


In addition to the moving arm bars, you also get stationary bars in front of the console with EKG grip pulse sensors. These make it simple to keep track of your heart rate and stay in your target fat-burning zone as you workout.

Another bonus to this trainer is that it’s compact.

It takes up less space than a standard elliptical. The footprint on it measures 66.”L x 29.”W . So if you have a smaller workout area like a condo or apartment this is a great option.


proform hiit trainer review


Bottom Line?

If you want the ultimate calorie burning machine – and you really like HIIT training – then the Proform HIIT H14 elliptical is a great option.

It’s built to be tougher than other models with a heavier flywheel, sturdier base and upgraded handlebars.

Plus the larger screen can really pull you into the iFit workouts. This, along with the specialized HIIT workouts can help you get faster results in less time.

Overall, it’s not the cheapest HIIT trainer on the market – but it’s definitely the most impressive.



Where to Buy and Save:

The Proform HIIT H14 Elliptical is fairly new to the market – so it can be hard to find. But you can buy it directly from the Manufacturer and get Free Shipping here.

You’ll also get a 1-year iFit Family membership included with your purchase – which will cover up to 4 family members.


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