Nordictrack FS7i vs FS9i – What’s the Difference?

Which Is the Best Choice For You?


nordictrack fs7i vs fs9i
Nordictrack FS7i

Trying to decide between the Nordictrack FS7i vs FS9i elliptical?

Wondering which is the best option for you?

The FS7i and the FS9i are a new kind of elliptical trainer called the Freestride Trainer or Freestrider.

The main advantage of the Freestride Trainer is that it has a totally adaptable, adjustable stride of up to 38 inches (vs a regular elliptical which has a fixed stride of usually around 18 or 20 inches).

This opens up a new world of training possibilities.

You can do short stair-climbing steps, longer running strides or even longer hurdling-type strides.

It’s kind of like having 3 machines in 1 – a stepper, elliptical and treadmill.

The two most popular Nordictrack Freestrider models are the FS7i and FS9i.

So which one is best for you?


nordictrack fs7i vs fs9i


This post will compare them and give you a rundown of the key differences between them. So you can choose the best machine for your home.



Nordictrack FS7i vs FS9i – Price


The Nordictrack FS7i is really the mid-range model and the one that started it all. It’s also currently the most popular model and comes in around $1999 with Free Shipping here.


nordictrack freestrider fs7i vs fs9i
Nordictrack Freestride FS7i Elliptical


The FS9i model is the premium version with a few more bells and whistles added to it. It comes in around $2999 with Free  Shipping here.


Nordictrack fs7i vs fs9i
Freestrider FS9i


While the FS9i has a few more features to it, it’s important to know that the main design – the adaptable stride – is the same for both the trainers.

So what does the FS9i Freestrider have that the FS7i doesn’t?


nordictrack fs7i vs fs9i
Nordictrack FS9i Console


Nordictrack FS7i vs FS9i – Console Differences


While both Freestride trainers give you full-color, touch-screen consoles with built-in web browsers, the FS9i model has a larger console of 10 inches (vs 7 inches on the FS7i).


nordictrack FS7i vs FS9i comparison
Nordictrack FS7i Console


So it’s like having a larger computer screen – it makes browsing online or watching your workouts stats a lot easier (ie Would you rather watch a large TV – or an even larger TV?)






Nordictrack FS7i vs FS9i – Incline and Decline


The FS7i Freestrider does give you up to 10 degree incline (which changes the slope of your elliptical and gives you a better crosstraining workout).


nordictrack FS9i vs FS7i Freestrider
Nordictrack FS9i Incline and Decline


However the FS9i Freestrider goes one better and includes a 10 degree incline AND decline. This gives you more ways to crosstrain and optimize your workout.

Note that both trainers have power incline – meaning you can change the incline from your console – you don’t have to get off the trainer to change the incline manually. Also, you can change the incline from the moving arm bars on either model, which is another nice touch.



Nordictrack FS7i vs FS9i – Resistance Levels


The Nordictrack FS7i gives you 24 different resistance levels whereas the FS9i gives you 26 resistance levels. That’s not a lot of difference but you still get a bit more room to grow on the FS9i Freestride Trainer.


nordictrack fs7i vs fs9i



Nordictrack FS7i vs FS9i – Weight

The FS9i is a bit heavier than the FS7i with a bit more substance and a higher user weight capacity (400 lbs vs 375 lbs). So basically it’s built to hold up a bit better under heavier use. This makes it a great choice for families or homes with multiple users.


Nordictrack fs7i vs fs9i
Freestrider FS9i




Nordictrack FS7i vs FS9i – Workout Programs

You also get a few more built-in workout programs on the FS9i than the FS7i (38 vs 35).

However if you plan on getting iFit for your machine (which is available for either machine), this won’t make a difference since you get unlimited new workouts with iFit.


nordictrack FS9i vs FS7i



Bottom Line?

So what’s the bottom line in the Nordictrack FS7i vs FS9i debate?

Well, the FS9i trainer does have a larger, easier-to-read console as well as a few more workout programs and a bit more weight – which helps to add stability.

It also gives you more room to grow with more resistance levels and decline as well as incline.

However the FS7i Freestrider is no slouch either. It still gives you the 38 inch auto-adjustable stride and all the benefits of a Freestride trainer like a zero-impact workout, full-color console with web browser, iFit LIVE options and center-drive design. And it’s about $1000 less.

So each machines has its pros. And at the end of the day it comes down to what you really want.

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nordictrack freestrider fs7i vs fs9i
Nordictrack Freestride FS7i Elliptical



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nordictrack fs7i vs fs9i
Nordictrack FS9i



nordictrack fs7i vs fs9i comparison