Nautilus E614 Elliptical Review

Nautilus E614 Elliptical

Nautilus E614 Elliptical





Stride Options


Entertainment Options


Fitness Options



  • Healthy 20 Inch Stride For A More Comprehensive Workout
  • Goal Tracking and Data Export Features to Monitor your Progress
  • Charging Shelf on the Console For Your Tablet or Phone
  • 22 Built-in Workout Programs
  • Tracks Information for 2 User Profiles


  • Non-Backlit Console Can be Hard to Read
  • Tablet Will Cover Part of the Console
  • No Incline
  • Handlebars are Simple and Basic


Nautilus E614 Elliptical Review – Highlights:


The Natuilus E614 elliptical trainer is a simple, starter elliptical coming in at a great price of just under $600 with Free Shipping here.

Nautilus isn’t particularly well known for their Nautilus-brand elliptical trainers. However what many people don’t know is that Nautilus is one of the largest exercise equipment manufacturers in North America.


nautilus E614 Elliptical Review
Nautilus E614 Elliptical


They own the Schwinn and Bowflex names – both of which have some ellipticals that are hot sellers right now. So they do know what they’re doing.

The Nautilus E614 is one of their most affordable starter models with a front drive design and generous stride. So is it a good choice for you? Here’s what you need to know.

nautilus E614 Elliptical Review


Nautilus E614 Elliptical Review – Console Breakdown:


The console itself is an average size. There are two main LCD windows giving you feedback on 13 different workout stats including your calories burned, resistance, program settings and more.

There’s also a handy shelf in the middle of the console that will hold your tablet or iPhone. So you can watch TV shows or movies on your tablet as you workout. The tablet will only cover half of the console – so you will lose out on a few of the feedback windows – but you will see your main stats below the tablet shelf.

nautilus E614 elliptical review - consoleAnother cool thing about the tablet shelf is that there’s a dock so you can charge your phone or tablet as you workout. So you’ll never have to worry about running out of battery time on this machine.

The console also stores and shows information for up to 2 different users. This can be great since it means that you don’t have to re-enter all of your personal information every time you go to workout.

There’s also a fan to keep you cool and an iPod dock with speakers. So you can also listen to your favorite music as you workout.


nautilus E614 Elliptical Review


There are also hand grip EKG pulse sensors in front of the console – so you can stay in your target fat-burning zone as you run.

The downside to this console however is that it is not backlit. So if lighting in your area is limited, you might find it hard to see your workout stats.

Another thing that isn’t great with this console is that it toggles back and forth between your stats – you can’t make it stay at one readout. This can be a bit aggravating as many people just want to see a constant display of their stats.




Monitor Your Progress Online with Nautilus Connect

Almost all of the elliptical brands these days are jumping on the online tracking bandwagon and adding online connectivity to their machines. The Nautilus E614 is doing this as well.

You can use the Free Nautilus Connect goal tracking and data export to track your stats online and see how far you’ve come. It also syncs with myfitnesspal and runsocial as well.


nautilus E614 Elliptical


20 Resistance Levels for Extra Challenge


While there is no incline on this trainer – you do get 20 levels of resistance. So that’s a great way to add some challenge to your workout and burn more calories – or just build higher calorie-burning intervals into your training.

You also get 22 built-in workouts that each focus on a specific goal like time or calorie burning. Along with the iPod dock and speakers this can help make your exercise time a little more interesting. Throw in your tablet to watch your favorite shows, and you have a much more productive, fun workout.

20 Inch Stride for More Natural Feel

It’s unusual to have such a long stride on a starter machine – and it’s definitely a plus here. A longer stride helps you more fully work your lower body muscles for a more optimal calorie-burning workout.

You’ll also notice that there are wheels on the bottom if you want to move it out of the way – which is great for smaller or crowded workout areas.

nautilus E614 elliptical review - console

Nautilus E614 Elliptical Review –  Any Downsides?

One thing you’ll notice if you’ve done much research on elliptical trainers is that this trainer is remarkably similar to the Schwinn 430 – seen below ( read the full review here).  It has pretty much the same design and exact same console – not surprising since it’s made by the same company.

With that said you might want to go with the Schwinn 430 instead as it has more history behind it and runs about $50 less depending on where you get it.


Schwinn 430


Also, there are a few red flags here – the first one is the 90 day labor warranty. That means if it breaks after 3 months, you could be out some money to have somebody come and fix it.

Also, while we’re big fans of Nautilus equipment (especially the Bowflex Max trainers, which are amazing machines), this one is just…cheap looking. There are more plastic parts on it than other trainers at this price point. The handlebars are very simple and the footpedals – while large – don’t articulate or even adjust to give you any kind of support.


nautilus E614 Elliptical



Where to Buy and Save:

You can get a decent discount on the Nautilus E614 ellitpical by getting it here with Free Shipping. You can also read the latest user reviews and read answers to the most common questions people have about this trainer.


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nautilus E614 Elliptical Review
Nautilus E614 Elliptical