Best Elliptical for Low Ceilings? 3 Great Options

What’s the Best Elliptical for Low Ceilings?


best elliptical for low ceilingsWant to find a home elliptical trainer – but worried that your ceiling height is too low?

It makes sense.

After all, the last thing you want to do is buy an elliptical and set it up – only to find you’re scraping up against the ceiling with your head.

Not a fun experience.

But don’t worry – this post will help you avoid all of that.

Below you’ll find 3 great options when it comes to the best elliptical for low ceilings.

You’ll also get all the measurements you need to see if it would fit your ceiling height requirements.

First however it’s important to note that you need to consider the tallest person that will be using the crosstrainer – whether that is you or someone in your family. Take their height as a guide when looking at elliptical trainer ceiling heights.

So let’s get started


Best Elliptical for Low Ceilings:


#1 Octane Q35 Elliptical

The Octane Q35 elliptical is a commercial-grade trainer (read the full review here) with a very low step-on height of only about 4 inches from the floor.


octane q35 elliptical review
Octane Q35 Crosstrainer



According to the Octane Manufacturer your minimum ceiling height should be 8 inches above the tallest user height for this trainer.

So for example if the tallest user in your home is 6 feet – your ceiling height should be at least 6 feet, 8 inches. If the tallest user is 6 foot 2 inches – you’re looking at a minimum ceiling height of about 6 feet, 10 inches. etc.

The Octane Q35 is also well-built with a double-wheel track design for longer, more intense workouts – and closer spaced pedals for a more natural feel and fit.


octane Q35 elliptical review


The only real drawback is that – even though it’s very low to the ground – the actual footprint is about the same as a standard elliptical (26″ x 76″) – not very compact. It’s also on the higher priced end sitting at around $2000 (Octane is a commercial-grade brand).

Still, if you want one of the highest-grade elliptical trainers that is great for lower ceilings, this is one to consider.


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#2 Nordictrack ACT Commercial 10

The Nordictrack ACT 10 elliptical is a center drive machine – meaning that instead of one large flywheel in front or in back of the pedals, there are 2 smaller flywheels on either side of the pedals.


best elliptical for low ceilings
Nordictrack ACT 10


One of the benefits of the center drive designs (in most trainers) is that the pedals tend to be placed lower to the ground. Thus you can get away with a lower ceiling height.

According to the Nordictrack Manufacturer, you’ll need 12 inches above the tallest users height for the proper ceiling height on this trainer.

To make it easier – that’s a foot. So if your tallest user is 6 feet, you’ll need a minimum ceiling height of 7 feet.

Another benefit of the Nordictrack ACT?

Measuring 29″ x 54″ it’s a little more compact than the Octane Q35 (and most other ellipticals). So it’s also great for smaller areas in general.


best elliptical for low ceiling heights


Plus you also get a full-color, touch-screen console with iFit HD workout videos included – and it’s about $600 less than the Octane Q35 trainer.


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#3 Bowflex Max Trainer

While the Max Trainer isn’t necessarily a standard elliptical (it’s more like a hybrid elliptical-stair-climber, it does have some unique benefits – including being fairly low to the ground.


best elliptical for small spacers
Bowflex Max Trainer


You’ll need about 15 inches above the tallest user height for this machine. That’s about 1.25 feet above the tallest user height.

So if your tallest user is 6 feet you’ll need a minimum ceiling height of 7 feet, 3 inches. This is just slightly more than the Octane Q35 or the Nordictrack ACT – but it’s still pretty low compared to other elliptical trainers.

Plus the Max Trainer is know for helping you burn calories faster – up to 2.5 times MORE calories than a regular elliptical trainer.


max trainer vs proform hiit


Another benefit?

It’s also the most compact trainer on this list measuring just 25″x 46“. So it’s ideal for smaller spaces like a condo or apartment.


best elliptical for low ceilings


So if you’re looking for a crosstrainer for a low ceiling height that can also help you burn more calories and takes up a lot less space in general the Max Trainer is a great option.


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So those are some contenders for the best elliptical for low ceilings – I hope that gives you some ideas. All of them have their strengths.

The Octane Q35 is a commercial-grade trainer built for heavy, intense workouts (but it’s not necessarily the smallest elliptical for your home home).

The Nordictrack ACT is a popular center drive trainer that’s a little more affordable and gives you a lot of fun entertainment options as well.

The Max Trainer is the most compact trainer on the list – and is designed to help you burn maximum calories in minimum time with special HIIT training workouts.

But all of them are great elliptical trainers for low ceiling heights. Just remember to consider the tallest person who’ll be using the trainer when looking at the ceiling height requirements. Good luck!


best elliptical for low ceillings




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